ATCs from January

In January I participated in two ATC exchanges, on with CrossStitchForum and one with the Addicted to ATCs group on facebook

The theme for the Addicted To ATCs was Garnet, the ATC had to be stitched using a garnet shade. I went for a blackwork design by Liz Almond which was part of the Design Library in World of Crossstitching last year, Blackwork Garden I think it was called.
I stitched the design using Navy 16-count aida and DMC 817 and 815 (I think)

And here is the beautiful ATC I received from Jaki. I love the bling in the middle 🙂


For the Crossstitchforum ATC the theme was a bit more obscure. It was supposed to either have something to do with our forum names or something which represented us as a person. I had a hard time figuring out what to stitch, my forum name is a short form of my pen name so it had to be something to do with books. In the end I had hubby draw an outline of a book on my fabric and I back stitched the lines, then I found a romantic looking silhouette and stitched that as the cover. I’m really pleased with it.
The ATC is stitched on 32-count Belfast linen, using DMC 310, a DMC red (816 possibly) and the silhouette is in GAST Black Raspberry Jam (I just LOVE the color of it). I stitched the silhouette over one which was a nightmare, but as is the case with so many nightmarish things it was well worth it. I’m just sad i didn’t get to keep it.


I received this ATC from Ali-Cat, cleverly using a cat alphabet to illustrate her name. Isn’t it cute?



January Biscornu and Christmas Ornament finished

Another couple of finishes, my biscornu and Christmas ornament for January. As I mentioned before the ornament will not be finished ‘finished’ for a few months, I plan on having a finishing day once I have a few more stitched up.

The biscornu is a Faby Reilly freebie design. I stitched it on some of the 16-count zweigart cream gold flecked aida I got for the wedding project, I’m amazed I still have some left although there isn’t much now. For floss I used two different DMC colour variations, and a blue Madeira silk. I also used some Gütermann Beads (9/0-9904) at the end of the flakes and around the edge. It took an awful long time to bead the edge, but it think it was worth it. Predicable I’ll be doing a Valentine’s themed biscornu for February, just have to decide on a design now. I have done one, but it’s for an exchange.


My Christmas ornament was a freebie by The Sampler Girl, it’s called Christmas Eve Flight and can be found on her blog. I stitched it on 32-count flax Belfast linen, using Weeks Dye Works – Chestnut for the reindeer, Dragonfloss – Blood Ruby for the text and 2 DMC Colour Variations for the snowflakes.


Crazy January Challenge – DAY 14 and 15

A bit late but here are my last two WiPs. On the 14th I started a freebie from Les tites’croix de Ludivine (if you scroll down it’s the one called Coeur), it’s being stitched on 32 count linen, one over one, using DMC 815 (or 816, can’t remember).
Didn’t get a lot done, and luckily I don’t have a deadline as the recipients don’t know they are getting it.


For Day 15 I finally got my water bottle started, although I wish I’d never started now. I went to buy fleece first of all, but fell for some lovely short haired fake fur fabric instead, it feels lovely and soft.
I tacked the waste canvas on and started stitching, got really into it as well and then put it down. When I picked it up again I realized it was all at a weird angle, so i had to rip it all out. Now the only thing on it is newly tacked waste canvas, waiting for me to start stitching again, but I’ve gone off it now.


Crazy January Challenge 2011 – DAY 9

Today I decided it was time to stitch a Christmas Ornament. Too early you say? Well in 2011 I plan to stitch one a month, some will be presents, and others will be used at home next December. My first one is a freebie by The Sampler Girl, called Christmas Eve Flight, very cute!
I’m stitching it on 32-count Flax Belfast Linen, using Weeks Dye Works (WDW) and Polstitches Dragonfloss

Didn’t get a great deal done, but it was a start. I probably only need one more day of stitching on it, then I’m going to leave the finishing until I have a few more done and I’ll have a finishing day where I can test out different techniques.

Here is a picture


Please pop by again tomorrow for project number 10, what ever will it be?

New Stash!

My lovely dad gave me money for Christmas so I decided to treat myself to some stash. I’ve been wanting to start my Sleepy Hollows Sampler which the lovely and generous Kim gave me, and the Crazy January Challenge seemed the perfect time for it. So ordered the specialty threads, some fabric for a few different projects and today it arrived from Sewandso. I love love love my new GAST and WDW fibers, so pretty and soft and lovely to stitch with, and I’ve just had my first experience with 32-count Belfast linen, love the feel of it and stitching on it. And to think, a year ago I was really intimidated by linen and evenweave fabrics.
Here are a few pics

All together (the blue fabric is from Silkweaver, won in an auction on eBay)


Sleep Hollows Sampler by Raise the Roof designs


Fabric and WDWs for Lizzie*Kate Time for God

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