The Wedding by Lavender and Lace – Completed and Framed

While browsing another blog I can upon another finish of this and realised I’d forgotten to post the framed picture. So sorry, but I promise you will not have to wait any longer

The full view, have to say taking pictures without getting a reflection in the glass was hard


And a bit of a closer look at the frame, just love this



The Wedding by Lavender and Lace – Take 2

I promised you wouldn’t have to wait too long. And one day is really no time at all.

I must admit I wasn’t as good at taking pictures once I got to this stage, it was too much fun to just keep stitching.

So here is our first picture. Only a little bit more done since the last update.


A closer look at the area that I worked on.


And then, suddenly so much more work done.


This is my favorite part of the dress, I just love the shading on the dress.


And then I decided we need to add some color to the mix. Look at the pretty flowers


Still not made a decision on the ribbons though, at this point the contenders were antique mauve and antique violet.


Some more of the off-white filled on, almost complete now and yet no decision on the ribbons


And finally, dress completely cross stitched, including ribbon. The winner was [drumroll] Antique Violet.


Pretty, pretty ribbons.


Bouquet still needs a bit of backstitch


Elsewhere the bride’s hair was finally finished as well, after many changes I finally went with shades of brown. And you can see a little of the veil here.


Then it was on to the dreaded DMC Light Effects, first up is the border.


It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and it looks great on the fabric


From the border it was straight on to the letters, isn’t the ‘U’ amazing?


Sorry did you want to see all the letters? Here you go then.


And the more personal information, the alphabet is from another wedding sampler which was in Cross Stitch Collection (I think).


The bouquet finally got it’s backstitch


Finishing touches have now been added, backstitching on the bride and groom and the beads.


OMG, the beads. All 420 of them


I actually loved putting them in


Here it is, completely stitched


And for your viewing pleasure, the backside. I’d rather proud of how neat it is.


Now there aren’t many pictures left, just of the piece framed in fact. However my mean streak is shining through again and you’ll get to see these some other time. Don’t worry it won’t be too long.

The Wedding by Lavender and Lace

Finally it’s time for the unveiling of my secret wedding project. I managed to finish and frame it in time for the wedding, and Tom and Helena seemed very happy with it. I had a few ups and down while stitching it, mostly because of the various changes I’d made with the colors, so really I can only blame myself for this one.

Now as you all know I can be cruel, and today is no exception. So yes, you will get to see the whole project, but you’ll be following it every step of the way as well.

As you have by now figure out I stitched The Wedding by Lavender and Lace. Here is a picture of the original, using the charted colors and recommended fabric (sorry for the poor quality, this is the picture from the Lavender and Lace website).

As you will see I made a lot of changes to the original, the main one being the color of the dress. The original is white, but Helena’s wedding colors were off-white, gold and brown, so I started with off-white as the base color for for the dress and used the DMC color family list to help me choose the matching shades. The DMC shade card would no doubt have been better as an aide, but since I had all the shades myself the colour family list worked just as well. Other changes included the hair colors, ribbon colors and completely dropping the bride’s maid. I should also mention that it was stitched on 16-count Zweigart Lurex aida, cream with. gold flecks. Ok, here we go.

Most of my cross stitch projects to date have been started from the middle of the chart, but with ‘The Wedding’ I decided to start from a corner since I had gridded the fabric anyway.
This was the first picture I took of my progress. Because I was stitching in a hoop I tried to complete sections, color by color.


Here a few of the other shades are done

Depending on the light it was quite golden looking, especially when the off white was filled in.


Once the top part of the dress was done I started on the bottom part, some procedure as before, color by color.

I love the way it just adds on the texture, showing the folds on the dress.

I thought filling in the off-white would be a real chore, but because everything else was filled in I could just stitch without counting, at least until I got to the bottom.

Some more filled in


Most of that bottom section done


I will leave you now with a full picture of the progress up till then. Don’t worry, you shouldn’t have to wait for the next section for very long.


Cross stitching Update: Emily Peacock ‘HUG’ cushion

Back in January I mentioned my New Years resolutions, among the cross stitching ones was stitching Emily Peacock’s ‘HUG’ cushion which came as a freebie with Crossstitcher Magazine back in December ’09. I started it in January, but once the materials for the ‘mystery’ wedding sampler arrived in February it was pretty much abandoned.

This month however I had a sudden urge to stitch something with a bit of colour, so when UFO week at the Crossstitchforum started on the 1st I joined in. I should probably explain that UFO stands for UnFinished Object, and the cross stitch forum where I spend some of my time has a UFO week from the 1st to the 7th every month.

In any case, I went into UFO week with the goal of completing the H, and on the 5th this was un fait accompli. As I have a few things to stitch in May I’m going to leave it at that and get going on more birthday cards, there are after all a few more family birthday’s in May, although it’s not as crazy as August.

Here is a picture of how the cushion should look when completed, this is the tapestry version, not the cross stitch version, but the design and colours are pretty much the same.

Emily Peacock HUG/KISS cushions

I recently found out that Miso Funky sell the cross stitch pattern for the KISS cushion, so I shall be acquiring that in the near future.

Now back to the project I’m actually stitching; here is a picture of my complete progress on the ‘HUG’ cushion. My aida is a bit messy after being in the hoop but I’m not going to worry about that until everything is done. The border is the same for the length of the design so the next step is to extend it so it’s over the area where the U will appear, but that will have to wait till next month.


And here is a picture of just the H. I have to admit I didn’t think the green would go very well with the other colours, but now that it’s stitched up it looks great.


The ‘HUG’ cushion is designed by Emily Peacock and stitched on 11 count white aida using three strands of DMC floss as recommended in the chart. All colours used are as charted.

Cross Stitching Projects: Wedding Sampler

I have finally decided on a wedding sampler to stitch for my BIL and future SIL, with a little help from my MIL of course. I can’t post it here though as I have no idea if my SIL ever looks on this page so you’ll all just have to wait till it’s done, I will tell you though that it’s from Lavender and Lace. I ordered the chart, fabric and some beads yesterday and should be able to start in the next two weeks. I’m a little worried though, the wedding is mid-October and other people who have stitched the design have taken anywhere between 9 months and 18 months to complete it. Hopefully these people also work and have other things to do with their time, I don’t really have any demands on my time apart from writing so I should have plenty of time. I couldn’t quite decided between this design and a Janlynn design called ‘From This Day Forward’, but the L&L design won out in the end because it’s very easy to peronalize (apparently). My job now is to find out the wedding colours (hope she’d decided) and match threads for haircolour to match the couple 🙂 Should be fun.
As this will be my biggest project yet, I’m really looking forward to it, I ordered some Zweigart Lurex Aida, 16 ct cream speckled with gold to stitch it on. There is some gold metallic threads used in the design so I figured it would look good together. I was thinking about buying some Polstitches hand-dyed evenweave, but I don’t think a project which is supposed to be a gift to someone else is the best time to start trying evenweave. I’ll leave that for when I do Joan Elliott’s fairies instead, they will after all be for me.
The largeness of the Wedding Sampler is sort of pushing my other projects on the back burner, I’ll have to see how I get on with it, how quick I can stitch before I continue on the other ones. So the next two weeks are going to be spent finishing mother’s day cards and birthday cards and hopefully get a little more done on the HUG cushion, which I will post an update picture on during the next week.

Wish Me Luck

Cross Stitching Projects: Classic Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Complete

Well I’ve finally finished the Classic Winnie the Pooh kit from Anchor. It was supposed to be a birthday present for my MIL, her birthday was in October so it’s a wee bit late and the plan now is to have it sent to her before Mother’s day which is sometime in March (right?)

Here is the finished stitching, it’s the first big project I’ve completed since getting into the x-stitching again. It was a relatively easy one though and the only thing that kept me from finishing it a few months ago was the annoying grass backstitch. It looks great with the grass though so glad I finished. I wonder if I’ll feel as pleased when I finish the Tatty Ted wedding sampler, will all the backstitch hell be worth it? Incidently I haven’t even touched that particular project since my x-stitch post back in October. BAD ME!!!

Anyways, here is the completed Winnie the Pooh and Piglet…


New Year’s Resolutions – Part Deux


While NYR1 (New Year Resolution 1) comes with a lot of hard work and the possibility of failing at my chosen career, NYR2 is a little more frivolous, although it still involves some work. So without further ado…


In short, cross-stitching.

Ok, maybe a longer explanation is required. Apart from writing and reading I have never really stuck with a hobby. Then this summer I got bit by the stitching bug and I’m still going strong, even though I have yet to finish the first project I started. Now, I know myself very well, and I can be as brutally honest about myself as I can about other people. I get lazy, I get lazy and I quit whatever I’m doing, essentially I’m a quitter. So my second resolution is not to quit, it might seem simple to you, but for me it will require work. First of all I know that if I start a lot of big projects I’ll never complete them coz I’ll get bored. I have so many things on my to-stitch list, but I can’t do them all of course and I can’t do them all for me, that would just be a waste. So I’m going to pick ones to stitch for my family’s birthdays, that will give me deadlines, and to have some smaller projects on the go I’m going to stitch a card a week; birthday, mother’s day, father’s day, Valentine’s day, anniversary and Christmas cards. This way I’ll have cards for all occasions and I’ll have a feeling of accomplishment while struggling along with the bigger projects. It also means I’ll avoid the X-mas card fiasco of 2009. What was the problem you ask? Well I finished stitching the last card on New Year’s Day. Luckily this is exactly what my family expects of me, I’ve been know to hand over x-mas gifts in July, so x-mas cards in January isn’t really all that bad. Pictures of the 2009/10 batch will be up shortly by the way, I almost don’t want to give some of them away. In fact hubby doesn’t think I’ll actually send them, but more on that in a later post.
So NYR2 is this: stitch presents for birthdays and other occasions, the main stitching project will be a wedding sampler for BIL and SIL-to-be, Charlie’s Ark pictures for my nephew, something as of yet undecided for my mum, a cushion for my MIL and a picture of a baby orangutan for hubby (specially requested) In addition everyone will receive stitched birthday etc cards.
For myself I will start the year stitching the Emily Peacock ‘HUG’ cushion, as well as doing Joan Elliott’s spring and summer fairies with the recommended Polstitches hand dyed fabric. In addition I have to finish my own wedding sampler aka the 1st project aka the bane of my life, and the Foxgloves from “The country Diary of an Edwardian Lady”. I’m sure some more stuff will pop up through the year as well.
That’s that for my New Year’s Resolutions, I’ll keep a steady update on both resolutions, with pictures of the stitching and plot info for the stories, so keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck …


Cross Stitching – WooHoo!!

A while I go I believe I promised some pictures of pieces I’m working on with my newest hobby – cross stitching. I saw a kit at Magrudy’s in July and though, ‘What the heck, let’s give it a go.’ despite not having cross stitched since primary school.
The kit I picked up was a wedding sampler with ‘Tatty Ted’ from the ‘Me to You’ range, I thought it would be nice to stitch with my own wedding date and names as it all happened so fast 🙂
The wedding sampler is still a WIP though, with only the wording and back stitching left to do. Most of the back stitch wasn’t too bad but I’m a bit stuck on the bits that make the bears look fluffy and cuddly, it’s a pain in the *** to put it mildly. Anyway my aim is to have it finished before Christmas, but then I have to start a new one as my soon-to-be SIL has requested one for her wedding (Thanks, Hel).

Anyway here is a picture of what it should eventually look like (of course with different names and date),


and here is my WIP in it’s different stages.

1. All the full cross stitches done.2. Half stitches and some back stitching done.


More Back stitches and French knots. This is as far as I have got, mostly finished, but with the fiddly bits left.

See, it’s not too bad is it?

Well, while not working on the wedding sampler I’ve started a few other projects, two of which were very small and was started and finished within hours. They were freebies from a couple of Cross-stitching mags I bought. What do you think?
<p style="text-align:centerPhotobucket<PhotobucketPhotobucket

I think the bunny rabbit is sooo cute, and really easy too stitch.

Another bigger project I’ve been working on is a Classic Winnie The Pooh from Anchor picturing Winnie and Piglet; it’s is a birthday present for my MIL and it’s almost finished, which is great since her birthday was last week 🙂 She’ll get it before Christmas though, well that is the plan 🙂 Here are the different stages of it, the last picture was taken Saturday evening and is the most recent, the only things left are some back stitches on the grass and butterflies and a few french knots. Then it can be framed and shipped.

Here it is with all the full stitches done

And here it is with most of the back stitching and half stitches complete.
Please let me know what you think.

I do have one more project which is only just started, but I’ll give that it’s own post with some other soon to do pieces.

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