I Stitch Therefore I Stash Complete

Almost two months ago I promised you the pictures of my completed I Stitch Therefore… project, to be honest it’s been languishing in a bag waiting to be washed this whole time. But finisally I got it sorted and here it is. I’m still going to make some changes to it, add a lining inside or maybe just a removable pocket. Also I’m thinking about changing the straps so they are longer, I’ll have to find some funky fabric first.

But here is the stitched finish


And a closer look at the stitched area


As you may or may not have noticed, I love my close-ups so here we go






And here is the last one (I promise), doesn’t the bag look great with some stash in it?

The I Stitch Therefore I Stash pattern was in an issue of Cross Stitch Crazy, it was stitched onto a ready made bag I’d bought in Thailand using 14-count waste canvas. Mostly I used DMC cotton, however for the first ‘I’ and the border around I used Dragonfloss Seawitch, and for the flowers I used Pomme de Pin Pimprenelle (dark ones) and Dragonfloss Tea Rose (light ones)

While I would love to see other people stitch this I’m not able to pass along copies and my own copy has gone to a new home


Mini Biscornu Exchange

In June we had a Mini Biscornu exchange on Crossstitchforum, the size was set as 4×4 cm for each half and they were to be used as scissor fobs. I received mine very quickly (and I’ve just realized I haven’t put any pictures up of it, but I’ll remedy that soon) and it was beautiful. Unfortunately the one I sent off went walkabout and I made a replacement one. The replacement finally made it’s way to the recipient this week so now I can show you all pictures.

Here it is in my hand, so small (not my hand obviously)


View from the side

And the bottom,with all the exchange details

The scissor design is adapted from a freebie design I found, just had to make it a little smaller. And it’s stitched on 16 count aida, hand dyed with Dylon Flamingo pink using a varigated DMC cotton (the colour number escapes me for the moment) for the scissors.

Cross Stitching Update: Emily Peacock ‘HUG’ cushion August

I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but the poor HUG cushion has been neglected during previous UFO weeks. It hasn’t been touched since the last update I gave you in May, so when August UFO week came along I knew I couldn’t put off stitching on it any longer. My goal was modest, extend the border to cover the space where the ‘U’ would be and stitch the outline for the ‘U’. I’m happy to say I out did myself, not only did I reach my goal I actually managed to finish the entire ‘U’. That means I’m over half way there.

So here is the whole design as it’s now looking now


And here is just the ‘U’


The ‘HUG’ cushion is designed by Emily Peacock and stitched on 11 count white aida using three strands of DMC floss as recommended in the chart. All colours used are as charted.

I Stitch Therefore I Stash Update – Finished Stitching

Actually I finished the whole thing last week, but haven’t been on a ‘real’ computer since the last update so couldn’t resize pictures etc.
These pictures are all pre pulling the canvas out, but with the beading and everything. I’m really happy with it, it was definitely worth the sore fingers. The only thing I have left to do now is wash it (carefully, since i have used a few hand-dyed cottons on it) and iron it (again, carefully since I decided beads were the way to go), think it should be ok though if I iron on the back with it on a thick towel. Fingers Crossed.

The first picture is with all the cross stitches and border done, as well as the back-stitch on the flowers

And here we are with the swirly backstitch and beading done, both of which were a pain, but it looks quite good once the canvas was pulled (you’ll get pictures of that next week).


And some close-ups


This is definitely where my beading was at its neatest


I’m still not sure I got the yellows quite right, the brightest should probably have been one shade paler


But I love the floss I used for the flower petals, the small flowers are Dragonfloss Tea Rose and the big one is Pomme de Pin Pimprenelle, both hand-dyed cottons. The Pomme de Pin is one of three skeins I recently won in a blog giveaway (thank you, Claire93), and this is the first time I’ve used it. I have more projects lined up to try them out on though, the Pimprenelle was great to stitch with.


Next week (or maybe in a few days if i have the time) I’ll unveil it without the canvas, it looks great, if a bit creased right now.

I Stitch Therefore I SAL

When I got into cross stitching again and found the big online community I discovered a (for me) new thing, SALs. SAL stands for Stitch-A-Long and is used for when two or more stitchers get together and stitch one design.

Recently one of the members on CSF (Crossstitchforum) found a great SAL design in Cross Stitch Crazy, and arranged a SAL. I wasn’t originally going to join as they don’t sell Cross Stitch Crazy in AD, but Kell, who stitched her’s very quickly, was kind enough to send me the chart.

I decided to use some of the 14-count waste canvas I’d just bought and stitch it directly on to one of the bags I bought in Bangkok. It might not have been the best choice; the ready made bag is canvas so it’s hard to get the needle through the fabric, and it get’s very uneven for that reason. It’s also quite hard to stitch going in and out of the bag. First and last time methinks, at least with a design this size.

I haven’t managed to finish it yet, have to give my fingers a few days rest between each stitchy time, but here are a few pictures of my progress up to the beginning of June. Will post another update in a few days.

First two letters done and some border

Most of the words done

All the words done, most of the border with backstitch and some of the flowers in the corner. the yellow in the flowers were later frogged and replaced with two paler yellows.


I’m having a hard time stitching it because I want to get to the end and pull the waste canvas out, I have no patience what so ever.

Once I’ve finished this project I’ll let you know what colours i used, think the leaves might be the original ones, and the black but everything else has been changed.

Crossstitchforum ‘SUMMER’ ATC Exchange

We’ve just started sending out our Summer ATC’s on Crossstitchforum so my recipient doesn’t have it yet, however we haven’t kept them a secret so I can post a picture of mine without ruining the surprise.

I had a hard time deciding on the design for this one as summer is so many things, I had sort of designed one with a deserted beach, palm trees and a boat moored away in the distance (elements taken from different charts) as that is what summer in Abu Dhabi reminds me of (or rather all year except the summer, but you get my meaning). Anyway as I was about to start stitching I came across the perfect chart, it’s sort of beach themed and the motif was perfect for a stitcher.

I modified it slightly as the whole design with original wording would have been too big for an ATC on 16-count, basically kept the main motif but used my own text.
I then mounted it on cardboard and wrote my details on the back.


The design is from Brooke’s Books Publishing and can be found here (at the bottom left).

I stitched the design on 16-count white aida which has been coloured lightly with crayons to get the sketchy blue effect. I used the colours in the chart as much a I could, but there were a few of the greens I didn’t have so subbed them for different colours. Quite like the effect of it actually, he looks like a camo frog.
The words are stitched with Polstitches’ Dragonfloss – 123 Flippin’ Frogs (I thought that was quite appropriate).

I’m really getting into the whole ATC thing and have recently joined a group on Facebook where they do two exchanges a month, for June the themes are the letter ‘N’ and FIFA/Tennis. The letter one is completed, and the FIFA one about to be started, but I can’t show you any pics of those until they have been received, so you’ll just have to wait.

Crossstitchforum Easter Egg exchange – Received by Recipient

Yes I’m aware Easter was quite some time ago, but the poor recipient of my effort only recently received her egg, and only after I stitched a replacement egg.
It’s the first time something has disappeared for me on an exchange and I hope it’s the last time, not because I had to stitch another one, but because I feel really bad that my recipient had to wait to much longer for hers.

For those who don’t remember this is what the first egg looked like,


and this is how I finished it, as a felt needle book. I’m almost glad it got lost as I was entirely happy with this finish


The new one looks nothing like the old one, it’s 16-count instead of 11-count. I dyed it pink, with Dylon Flamingo Pink. And I finished it as a Floss keep. I put the two sides together using whipping stitch, like with a biscornu, it was pure hell though, much more fiddly than my mini biscornu (which I get to send out soon!!!)

Here is the front of the new one –


and here is the back –


I should add that the bunny in the Easter egg was taken from this design at Cross Stitch Happy

For more info on the exchange check out this post from a while back.

Winter/Snow ATC exchange and Easter Egg Exchange at Crossstitchforum.com

I suddenly realized I haven’t shown you the ATC I received or the Easter egg. I have previously posted pictures of the ones I made, you can find my Winter/Snow ATC here and my easter egg design here. Luckily my ATC reached it’s recipient after some time, but my Easter egg is still in the postal system, it must be over a month now! I have made a replacement egg though, and I’m ready to send that out once we decided it’s time to cut our losses with the first one.

I received my ATC from Grub72 quite quickly and it’s really sweet, you can see for yourself.

Snow/Winter ATC from Grub72

My Easter egg from Kerry also come soon after the send out date, and she had made it in to a brilliant needle book, all my needles are now stored there and I don’t lose as many as before!


Thanks guys for a lovely few exchanges.

Now we have two more exchanges going on, a Biscornu scissor fob exchange and a Summer ATC. The biscornu is done, and the ATC is being charted as we speak, still plenty of time. I’m afraid you won’t be seeing pictures of them until sometime in June though.

Cross stitching Update: Emily Peacock ‘HUG’ cushion

Back in January I mentioned my New Years resolutions, among the cross stitching ones was stitching Emily Peacock’s ‘HUG’ cushion which came as a freebie with Crossstitcher Magazine back in December ’09. I started it in January, but once the materials for the ‘mystery’ wedding sampler arrived in February it was pretty much abandoned.

This month however I had a sudden urge to stitch something with a bit of colour, so when UFO week at the Crossstitchforum started on the 1st I joined in. I should probably explain that UFO stands for UnFinished Object, and the cross stitch forum where I spend some of my time has a UFO week from the 1st to the 7th every month.

In any case, I went into UFO week with the goal of completing the H, and on the 5th this was un fait accompli. As I have a few things to stitch in May I’m going to leave it at that and get going on more birthday cards, there are after all a few more family birthday’s in May, although it’s not as crazy as August.

Here is a picture of how the cushion should look when completed, this is the tapestry version, not the cross stitch version, but the design and colours are pretty much the same.

Emily Peacock HUG/KISS cushions

I recently found out that Miso Funky sell the cross stitch pattern for the KISS cushion, so I shall be acquiring that in the near future.

Now back to the project I’m actually stitching; here is a picture of my complete progress on the ‘HUG’ cushion. My aida is a bit messy after being in the hoop but I’m not going to worry about that until everything is done. The border is the same for the length of the design so the next step is to extend it so it’s over the area where the U will appear, but that will have to wait till next month.


And here is a picture of just the H. I have to admit I didn’t think the green would go very well with the other colours, but now that it’s stitched up it looks great.


The ‘HUG’ cushion is designed by Emily Peacock and stitched on 11 count white aida using three strands of DMC floss as recommended in the chart. All colours used are as charted.

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