Stitcher’s Sampler – 2nd Update

I haven’t been able to work on this project much, which is a shame as I love the design, but other projects must take precedence. It is especially the wedding project which is taking me away from this design, after all it has a deadline, a quickly approaching deadline.

Keeping that in mind I’ll show you the little progress I have made. Most of the border is done and since the first update I also finished the hearts in the inner most box. This project has not turned out as I had imagined, when I first got the chart from Rosemary I started planning the colours etc., but when I got my hand dyed floss from Polstitches I knew I had to included it. Then I won a giveaway with some other hand dyed cottons (Pomme de Pin) and knew I had to included them too. All of a sudden the sampler became not just a celebration of stitching, but also of colour.

So here is where I’m up to.

A closer look at the border colours.


The hearts in the inner box are stitched in Polstitches Dragonfloss – Seawitch and a bright yellow cotton, the inner border is stitched in Pomme de Pin Pimprenelle and the lighter outer border is Pomme de Pin Evanescence. I’m seriously loving hand dyes!


Stitching Twilight

Ok, when I found this freebie pattern I knew exactly who I had to stitch it for, and so I did. My friend is a massive Jacob Black fan and so I had this finished for her birthday.

The front


and a paw print for the back


I whip stitched them together like you would a biscornu. The fabric was a hand dyed 14 countaida I got in my grab bag from Polstitches. Lovely to stitch on, I just love how soft the hand dyed fabrics are. The letters and the paw on the back are both a varigated DMC cotton, while the paw print on the front is one of the darkest browns (I’ll check both when I’m home again)
I’d give you the link for the chart except I can’t get on the site at the moment, so will update this post with the relevant information later. There is also a E for Edward chart on the same site.

Mini Biscornu Exchange

In June we had a Mini Biscornu exchange on Crossstitchforum, the size was set as 4×4 cm for each half and they were to be used as scissor fobs. I received mine very quickly (and I’ve just realized I haven’t put any pictures up of it, but I’ll remedy that soon) and it was beautiful. Unfortunately the one I sent off went walkabout and I made a replacement one. The replacement finally made it’s way to the recipient this week so now I can show you all pictures.

Here it is in my hand, so small (not my hand obviously)


View from the side

And the bottom,with all the exchange details

The scissor design is adapted from a freebie design I found, just had to make it a little smaller. And it’s stitched on 16 count aida, hand dyed with Dylon Flamingo pink using a varigated DMC cotton (the colour number escapes me for the moment) for the scissors.

Cross Stitching Update: Emily Peacock ‘HUG’ cushion August

I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but the poor HUG cushion has been neglected during previous UFO weeks. It hasn’t been touched since the last update I gave you in May, so when August UFO week came along I knew I couldn’t put off stitching on it any longer. My goal was modest, extend the border to cover the space where the ‘U’ would be and stitch the outline for the ‘U’. I’m happy to say I out did myself, not only did I reach my goal I actually managed to finish the entire ‘U’. That means I’m over half way there.

So here is the whole design as it’s now looking now


And here is just the ‘U’


The ‘HUG’ cushion is designed by Emily Peacock and stitched on 11 count white aida using three strands of DMC floss as recommended in the chart. All colours used are as charted.

Intruder alert!

On Thursday last week I was having a quiet afternoon at home, all I did was stitch, watch tv and write. In short a perfect day!
Then about 8 pm I figured it was time to go to the shop, so got all my stuff together and went to open the door, then I screamed (just a little bit, not like horror movie screams). Camped out infront of my door was a terrifying monster.

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yup, that is a strand of my hair, clearly high currency in lizard land.

Yeah, I realize she doesn’t look that scary, but I hadn’t really expected her there. I tried to scare her out, but realized then that she wasn’t moving properly, she just used her front feet and her tail looked squashed. That’s how I got so close, keeps getting cuter doesn’t she. Little Lizzy

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Anyway, I wasn’t sure what to do with her injured as she was. In the end I scooped her up on some paper and put her outside on the windowsill, I seem to remember hearing that lizards hybernate in the cold so maybe the heat would do her good.

So I left her outside, went to the shop and when I came back I checked in on her. She was still in the same place I left her, so I poked her a little and she ran up the wall, backfeet and tail working perfectly.

I think I’ll have to get the room temp higher if I want more visits, but then again I enjoy it nice and cool, and I don’t need any more shocks when faced with intruders 🙂

Told ya it was a thrilling adventure.

Let the blogging commence

It’s been a little while since my last post, mostly because I’ve not had the time to blog much. But I do have plenty to blog about, over the next few days I’ll tell you about my scary meeting with an intruder on Thursday night, final viewing of my I Stash Therefore… project, updates on my HUG cushion and Stitcher’s Sampler and, last but not least, you are all going to help me decide on a title for my novel.

Check in for my intruder story later on today, I promise it’ll be a thrilling adventure.

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