Oh Doctor, My Doctor…

Saturday is Doctor Who Day, and as usual it does not disappoint. Now who wouldn’t want to live on a planet that was a library? God how amazing would that be, though of course in the Whoniverse it’s not quite so idyllic. Why does Mr Moffat always feel like he needs to prey on our insecurities, “Blink” scared the living daylights out of me, I haven’t been able to look at statues in the same way since. And “Silence in the Library” touches on the same kind of thing, something is in the shadows and if it gets you it will kill you, you can’t see it and you can’t fight it. So yeah, pretty terrifying. And of course it’s a two-parter which mean I’ll be biting my nails for another week.
It does bode well for next year though, I have loved Steven Moffats episodes, my favorites being “The Girl in The Fireplace” and the aforementioned “Blink”, two amazing but oh so different episodes. “The Girl in…” is so lovely and so sad, I cry my eyes out every time I see it. And “Blink” just leave me in a state of terrified, though the human story in it is really good as well with more of those sad stories that pierce your soul. Guess I’ll have to have the hankies ready for next series.
But back to “Silence…”, judging by Moffat’s earlier episodes I suppose next Saturday will be emotional, and hopefully a bit revealing. We have after all been introduced to Professor River Song who apparently is a ‘special’ friend of the Doc’s from the future, except he doesn’t know her yet. I personally can’t wait to see where they are taking us with that, will have to watch Confidential now and see if more can be gleamed from it.


Just got my A103 TMA05 back…

and it’s time for a celebration. I got my highest score so far, 89%, so chuffed I don’t know what to do (except maybe go and get some wine). I didn’t work very hard on this one, and I definitely didn’t think my TMA made sense, but it seems my tutor thought it did and who am I to argue with the good doctor? I just hope he isn’t one of those nice markers who always give good grades, I mean it is quite a leap from the days of Avril. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see what the next assignments are like. I have promised myself though that I will not be struggling with this one just beofre the submission date, I will be organized for once.
Back to TMA05, the comments Dr Tutor made were very helpful, though in places he seems to have found more insight than I though I had put in. It was definitely the philosophy part of the question with I had the best handle on, though it did better than I had expected and thought with the art part 🙂
Think my line-up for TMA09 will definitely be Literature and Philo, with Art History as the substitute if either of those prove a bit awkward.

Right off to get that wino

Trying to get into shape

I have this on going battle with my body, I want it to slim down, it wants to eat (it usually wins). I really love food; cooking , eating, the whole she-bang, and I try really hard to keep it as health as I can. Lean meats, more veggies, less oil/butter, less sauces and less take away is the way forward I know, but we (esteemed bf and me) have found this hard in the past, we start out with good intentions, then a few weeks later we are back to where we started. I don’t know what will make it different this time, maybe the fact that bf is more committed to the cause having found his shirts getting a bit tighter around the tummy area 😉

So following in the theme of getting fitter I went to the gym today on my lunch. Now I’ve been a member of Lifestyles for a while (about 2 years) but could could on one hand how many times I’ve gone to there, so a few months back I cancelled my membership. A while back though a woman’s-only gym opened in my work’s building, were you’re supposed to do circuit training in 30 minute batches. So I tried that out today, and it was great, I felt really good when it finished and I’m looking forward to going again. I have a week long free trial, so gonna take advantage of that and then sign up, should be fun 🙂 The gym is called Gymophobics (perfect for me then) and here is a link to the website should anyone be interested, http://www.gymophobics.co.uk/

The Queen of Blogs…

Though unfortunately not the Queen of blogging, you would actually have to remember to post more than once in a blue moon for that title. This is my new start, trying to get my act together before starting A215 Creative Writing with the Open University in September. I’m hoping this will be a nice outlet for blogging about my day, writing and everything else 🙂

I also have two other reasons for doing this blog:
Firstly I have a dreadful habit of scribbling things down everywhere, and then end up loosing them, never to be seen again. So my plan is to now post some here, at least the more complete scribbleries.

Secondly, I’m terrible at doing writing exercises, I’ll start them with the best of intentions, but not complete them. So with A215 in mind I’m gonna work my way through the writing exercises in Stephen Fry’s The Ode Less Travelled, as poetry is a definite weakness of mine.

I usually write Historical Romance, which I’m scared will be frowned upon by A215 tutors as people tend to look down on you when yo mention this as your area, just to put the final nail in my coffin it is specifically Regency romance I write. There, I am out

I also write fantasy, modern and more traditional. The modern tends to be very BtVS, Angel, Charmed, Hex etc influenced, whereas for the more traditional my inspiration comes from David Eddings (Belgariad and Mallorean especially), though nowhere near that at the moment, as well as Elizabeth Moon and Papa Tolkien (though that really goes without saying)

Currently I’m studying A103 An Introduction to the Humanities with the OU, and loving it 🙂 About half way through at the moment, so scarily getting towards the end. The ultimate goal is a BA (Hons) in Literature, which should take 3-4 years (I hope).

Well it’s the end of another bank holiday, and time for bed, so this should be enough for now.

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