Christmas Clothes Woe

As always I am doing things last-minute, Christmas is no different from the rest of the year people. Now I’ve finally finished the pressie/stocking filler shopping (I only had hubby to buy for so it was quick enough. The tree and the rest of the decorations (table cloths and lights, not really that big on filling my house with christmas decorations) are done, hubby’s clothes are sorted, and that just leaves snack/food shopping, alcohol shopping and find an outfit for myself. The snacks/food/alcohol situation is easily and quickly resolved, a couple of hours at Carre4 tomorrow morning deals with the first and second and a quick trip to GMP, A&E or Spinney’s will resolve the third. It’s the clothes situation which has me stressed, after going around Marina Mall, Al Wahda Mall and Abu Dhabi Mall today and Dubai Mall on Sunday I still have not got a stitch to wear.

I thought I had found the perfect outfit, an electric blue knee-length dress from Mango at Marina Mall currently on the sale, I grabbed the hanger and put it with some other outfits which were looking less likely by the second, and headed for the changing rooms. As I had suspected the other dresses were not even slightly in the running for becoming X-Mas Day Dress 2009, but that was fine. I took the blue one off the hanger, slipped it over my head and went to zip it up, it had one of those side zippers, and the zip would not budge! I am proud to say I did not panic, this has actually happened before, in fact I used to have a lovely dress which I could not close myself no matter how much I tried and hubby always had to come and zip me up while I concentrated on holding my breath. So I did not panic. Instead I move the fabric further up so it would not be stretching and tried again. Again it would not budge, now the panic was starting to rear its ugly head. The dress looked amazing, it just covered my knees ( I really hate my knees), my boobs were not squished into an unrecognizable bulge on my chest, nor where they pressed up so they were threatening to pop out at the slightest movement (both scenarios is what usually happens when I try on clothes). It was in fact perfect, except the zip wouldn’t budge.

In the name of experimentation I took the dress off so I could see if it was a ‘me’ problem or a zipper problem. If it was me then no worries, I did after all have the Maestro zipper upper at home, hubby, so it would be easily resolved. It was not a ‘me’ problem. The zip still wouldn’t budge and after a few yanks, increasing in power the zip derailed, oh if only this could have happened a week ago I could have had it fixed 😦 I admitted defeat, got dressed and handed the sales assistant MY dress with tears in my eyes. After wandering aimlessly around Marina Mall for another hour I concluded there was nothing there and decided to head home to lick my fashion wounds. Then an idea struck, we were not in Siberia, or even Norway, there were more than one Mango in this town! I was all set to get a cab and hie up to Abu Dhabi Mall when I remembered Al Wahda Mall recently got a mango as well. Long taxi drive later I was at Al Wadha with hope in my eyes, a spring in my step and even a polite smile to the local women who decided standing around clogging up the entrance was the way forward. A few steps later I was in Mango and scouting for blue, 10 minutes later, 3 laps of the store later and I had to face facts, not only did they not have my size they didn’t even have the sodding dress.

After the obligatory stop in Magrudy’s I was on my way to Abu Dhabi Mall, the last Mango in Abu Dhabi. Of course by then it was just gone 6 pm and rush hour traffic was getting worse ( although I’m not sure there are any good times to head that way). Once we got there I threw the taxi fare at the driver, jumped out and sprinted up to the 2nd floor where Mango was. Or maybe not, I was fed up and demoralized and it’s more likely I dragged myself to the escalators and headed up. I got to the shop entrance and peered in. There was blue at the back, but after more peering it look like it was mostly knit wear. There were some blue dresses by the tills, wrong blue. And then I saw them, tree cobalt blue dresses hanging by the accessories. Within seconds my feet had travelled the distance and my hands went to the dressed. Dress 1 – XS (maybe when I was 10 years old), Dress 2 – M (yeah, 5 years ago) Dress 3 – …M. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
I’m pretty sure it was an internal wail, although a woman close to me looked concerned so maybe I let out a whimper.
In sheer desperation I checked every single bit of blue in the shop, but no luck. It just wasn’t there. And so I am still outfitless for christmas. I still spend an hour or two combing through the shops at AD Mall, but no luck. Tomorrow I will have to make a desperation purchase, or be a rebel and wear jeans at a t-shirt. Everything else is at the laundry.

Anyway thanks for listening to my rant, here is a picture of the dress for anyone interested (except it’s black).

Mango dress


Pictures Missing – Fixed

Just wanted to give a heads up that YES I do know pictures are missing from the Cross stitching post. It was my own fault as I decided to organize my photobucket pictures in to albums and didn’t consider that the links would change, stupid stupid stupid 🙂 Anyways hopefully it’ll be fixed soon, it’s just a bit time consuming and boring so have been putting it off. Yeah I know, very lazy

From One Thing to Another

So yeah, Nano is over for 2009 (thank God). It was a very busy month, not made any easier by me also trying to cross stitxh x-mas card to everyone. Well needless to say few x-mas cards were completed by December 1st, and I’m now struggling to get them all finished to send off. At the moment I need to finish 1 more for the Norwegian side of the family tree and 3 for the scouse family tree, and then of course they need to be mounted (get your minds out of the gutter now!). I’ve given myself Wednesday as send off date. They’ll prolly arrive at the two locations too late for crimbo, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

I really do apologise for not posting more often though, hopefully etisalat will install our internet soon and then you’ll all be sick of me. I have been writing a few post to publish, I’ll finally be giving my opinion on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – apparently saying it’s “blah” isn’t good enough. There will be a few other book reviews as well, a New Moon rant (the film not the book), another rant connected with the Twilight Saga (I’m gonna have to spread those way apart, people will start to think I’m obsessed and I’m really not), then some updates on my cross stitching projects, some pictures and opinions from the Killers concert at the Emirates Palace, National Day pictures from Abu Dhabi, and my pre-New Year resolutions 🙂

Hopefully a couple of these can be posted this week, it all depends on how quickly my cross stitching goes, plus I need to clean the flat (room) for Christmas and get the decorations out.

At least the weather has turned a bit colder, really puts you in the Christmas mood.

So for now, how yourself a very, merry run up to Christmas and please stick around and comment when the content is finally up.

Auf Wiedersehen ( I think)

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