Day 16 – Long Overdue Update

For those who thought I’d fallen off the writing wagon I must apologise, I just haven’t been near an internet connection since my last update. My home computers are working fine however and I’ve been writing, if not quite according to schedule.

As you can see by my sidebar widgets Novel 1 is almost at 50k now, the wordcount is slightly lower than it should be by the end of day 16, I attribute that to not having written anything on Thursday, Friday and Saturday as I was busy sending time with my hubby 🙂 By tomorrow I should hopefully be back on schedule, although since Sunday my muses have been suspiciously absent. Probably sulking after I ignored them for 3 days, but I’m sure I can get on their good side again.

As for story 2, that is even more behind. It really should be about 26-27k by now, but it’s been a real struggle all the way. Our main character finally has name, I wanted something traditional in the sense that it’s a name used by a mythical/fictional sorceress/enchantress, however as I searched I found very few names. Greek mythology had Circe and Medea, the first one is bleh and the second not an option, I am not naming my character after a woman who killed her kids to spite her ex. Then there was celtic names where only one came up Anu, kind of a crappy name. Anyway i was feeling ready to break and just compromise with the name of a famous witch, when I finally hit upon Ceridwen, welsh/celtic goddess of Magic, Kerry for short 🙂 From there more names came into the story and most characters now have names. The story is still untitled though.

I have to admit since my writing break this story has been coming more easily, I spent a lot of time thinking my way through the story over the weekend and it seems to have really helped, so fingers crossed the fantasy muses stay happy.

Right I think that’s it for an update, I promise I won’t wait a week and a half for the next one 🙂


Day Two – Quicky Update

Alright, since the word count widgets seem to be dead still I’ll just post a quick WC update here.

Novel One is going great, writing on it at the moment and the latest WC is 4899 words. A little behind what it should be by the end of day two but I still have a few hours to remedy that.

Novel Two is currently at 3545 words after stuggling with it most of the day today, let’s just say inspiration is not flowing in a steady stream when it come to this one.


So as I leave you now Carolyn is just about to arrive at the ball which will change her life, and my unnamed sorceress has found out just who she is supposed to ‘punish’.

About WordCount Widgets in sidebar

Ok, so I’ve put the word count widgets in the side bar underneath the participants badge. Now you can look all you want, but they aren’t showing yet, apparently they are not turned on yet so I’m hoping that’s something which will be fixed in the first few days. If not I’ll go a-looking for them somewhere else. You’ll notice once is named Carolyn and Her Reluctant Suitor, the second one is just named for genre at the mo while i find the perfect (or at least a working) title.


Alrighty, that’s enough updating. Back to the writing.

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