My First UAE Gig

Well Saturday was the day for my first gig in Abu Dhabi. I went to see Coldplay, and can I just say: They were amazing!! It was held in the grounds of the Emirates Palace hotel, half on the beach half on grass. As we trekked there ( and believe me it was a trek) the sky was lit several times by amazing lightening. The sky did not open up and drench us until we were in the concert area and waiting in the beer queue. It was over quickly though, and it did keep my pint filled up if slightly watered down. We only heard the last song from support band Mercury Rev, but I’m sure they were good. Finally though Coldplay were on the stage and the heavens opened once again, heavier and wetter than before, the lightening seemed to flash in time with the music and made it just that bit greater, after all it NEVER rains in Abu Dhabi 😉
The band took the torrential downpour in their stride and supplied a few rain themed song (I’m singing in the rain tra-la-la-la and Rain drops are fall hum-hum). They played all their old hits and the audience sang and shouted back, though there were only a disappointing few songs from the VIVA album, which is actually my favorite of all of the.
In the end though it really did not matter, Coldplay were in excellent form and the gig was truly AWESOME!
Now co’mon KILLERS, give us a date!

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