Explaining the magic new (but old) posts

You might have noticed an increase in the archives, but then again you might not have. The reason for it is of course that I have used wordpress’ nifty importer tool and imported all my old blogs to this one place. There are about 5 different blogs mixed into this one blog now, so you might come across 5 posts saying welcome to my blog, this is my first post la-di-da, then there will be about 5 posts with the usual, OMG I haven’t posted for month’s soooo sorry, will do better now. But I never do.

I had two NaNoWriMo blogs, one for 2007 and another for 2008, these were without a doubt the most neglected ones, mostly because once I actually got to November and NaNo started the last thing on my mind was blogging. I had fiction to write don’t ya know. The Nano blog posts refer to winners badges on the site, but I don’t actually have them here. Maybe I’ll make a little bragging page where I can display my achievements, but that’s not really at the top of my to-do list at the moment.

Now I think that was it, no more important info to announce.

And yes you will get a proper blog post soon(-ish)


Slowing Down

Well not completely, but I’m noticing my writing is less urgent than it has been lately. When the 50k mark was crossed I sort of knew I was on the right track. Today I had a quiet day with only a couple of hours writing this morning before going off to Tatton Park with my SIL and the dog. My excuse is location scouting, I just cannot resist stately homes. We didn’t go in today but instead went for a cross country ramble, Elizabeth Bennet style, there were deer and sheep not to mention lots of people and their dogs.
Back to the story in hand, there have been a few angsty dramatic moments lately, but all in all I think my charries have coped well. I hadn’t actually had that much drama planned, but it has actually given me a viable solution for how to move the plot to a close, there are a few things that need to happen before the final plot point can happen, but now I have a natural progression towards those events.
I woke up last night with an idea in my head, and spend over 1 hour talking the scene into my dictaphone (iPhone app). I’ll have to remember to type it up tomorrow, so easy to forget it’s there waiting.
Right it’s time to drive back to Liverpool, I’m really starving now. More updated soon, I promise!

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The Waiting Game

It’s been a month now since I last saw my hubbie, and at the moment I’m eagerly waiting for my visa to come through so I can join him in Abu Dhabi. How ridiculous is it to be married for 5 days before your brand new husband leaves the country? I’m just really fed up with it now.
At least my writing course keeps me busy, I’m really enjoying it despite the near disaster of not being able to submit the first eTMA. Luckily my tutor was very helpful, and I was able to submit it a few days later instead, crisis averted. I just hope it was worth reading, I’m so nervous about getting it back, what if I don’t have what it takes to be a writer? Apparently it’s due back on Friday, until then I will have to continue my fretting and sleepless nights. I have this heavy lump in my chest thinking she is going to hate it.
In other news Nanowrimo is going really well, yesterday I hit the 50,000 mark which means I’m more than half way to my target of 100,000 nifty spiffing words 😉 I love writing this story, it’s like 3 years of thinking coming together making it all fit nicely with each other.
Tomorrow is the last day of the working week in Abu Dhabi so if I have no visa news then it will be Sunday at the earliest that I will know. Fingers crossed everyone

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Well I can’t believe it, I’ve actually hit 50,000 words. I usually struggle to hit it before the 20th, but this year it all seems to be coming together nicely. I still have over 2 weeks to get to my personal target of 100,000, so well ahead of schedule.
Since I got back from the lakes I have been writing non stop, I really think taking that day out to think and organize my thought was the best thing I ever did. I know exactly what I want from the characters and where I want to go now, which is a lot more than I did Sunday morning. I finished fixing my story holes now and have for the most part spent the day moving the story along. I am about half way through which is very good, and have added some elements that never even crossed my mind when I started. For Thursday or Friday I plan to get to the library so I can move what I’ve got on the iPhone over to the mac, I really sucks relying on the iPhone for Internet!
Well I am going for a well earn’t sleep, ready to crack on again in the morning.
Good luck to all other wrimos out there with hitting your targets!

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And We Are On Target(ish)

I say ish because while I’m more than on target for 50 000 by November 30th, I should really be over 20 000 to reach my 100 000 target. So tomorrow it’s get up at dawn (well maybe 9) and write about 8 000 word which should bring me up to 25 000 and on the right track. At least next week will be quieter and I only have to worry about myself. All the moving is done now, well except the big move, but that will come next week hopefully. And then Abu Dhabi and chilling, no to shabby at all.
The story is sort of progressing, whenever I get stuck on something I don’t dwell on it, but skip forward instead. That has certainly saved me a lot of time wasting. I think it helped as well that the sequel is already written, I can fill it out a bit with Della and her Mr rights budding relationship. I still can’t believe he has no name, major Right just doesn’t have the right ring 😉
Oh well at least Rupert and Adele are enjoying hating each other, where would my life and writing be without them? Hopelessly bad, but then I’m not sure they change that. Isn’t it odd how I know how many kids they have and the kids names, but I have no idea how they even begin forgive each other.
Oh well, I still have a few chapters I need to get through before that is an issue, and even more before they reveal it to each other.

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Last year I did a dare a day picking my favorites from the various Dare threads on the NaNo forums. It worked really well in moving the story along when I got stuck or had written myself into a corner. I was quite lenient with myself though, and just pick a dare each day from a list, so this year I hope to make it a bit more challenging for myself by having to pick a random dare (from a hat or a bowl or some such), and I also hope to get some suggestions for dares from anyone who wants to contribute.
I’ll see if I can’t find my list of Dares from 2007 , they are very varied, some were a surprising help to the story, but most were just a help in moving things along and had to be cut when the editing started.
Talking of the dread editing, I’ve only edited the first half so far, got a bit unmotivated after cutting out half of everything I wrote 😦 I’m feeling better about it again now though, maybe I was just doing it a bit too close to the event (January), so have cautiously started the cutting process again.

So the Nano season is upon us once again

Now what the heck am I talking about? It’s only August isn’t it? But I’m starting early this year, I failed miserably on last years goal of completing Nano as well as writing a blog through it all. The word count got to 63,000 so can’t complain about that, but I did not have time to write a single blog post all November.
So by trying started the blogging process earlier I hope to have a certain routine to it by the end of October 🙂
As of yet I have no idea what I’m writing about, or even what genre, fantasy worked very nicely last year, but I’m kind of missing my little bodice rippers so we’ll see.

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