Feeling so sorry for myself

08/09…I’ve got a horrible cold so yes feeling extremely sorry for myself. I know, I know my life is so bad, just waiting for Hallmark to commision a TV film about my hardship 🙂
But isn’t it funny how moaning about feeling ill makes it all feel better, or is that just me? I usually moan about it until people are sick and tired of me and until I’m so disgusted with my wallowing in self pity I get better. In short moaning is very helpful.
I do hate being sick though, the house is a tip and Paul is working 24/7, and while I would normally tidy up on my days off I’m just too weak to function at them moment. So a day filled with trash TV is more up my alley.

UPDATE: Feeling much better now back in work and didn’t know this hadn’t been posted so will post it now.
Looking forward to my holiday though 🙂


Apologies Apologies, been so so busy

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since the 18th, well at least not on this blog. Life has been busy, as the usual excuse goes. In the mean time we have now got a proper internet connection at home (though still stealing some as well), and we also have Virgin TV (Yey 🙂 ya’all know how how much of a couch potato I am).
I’ve now registered for my Uni course, and quite honestly I can’t wait to start, I’ve already made a study time table template (so sad, I know) and I’m now just looking forward to getting my course pack in the post 🙂 Hopefully it will arrive before I go away, especially as my course starts while I’m still on holiday so I’d rather know what I’m missing in the first week before than after the fact.
Work is absolutely mad at the moment, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens once the course starts. Got a feeling it might be busy…
I’ll sign off for now because I have scheduled myself a weekend of writing.

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