Blackwork Tudor Rose

Here is my last crossstitch picture, for today at least.


This is a design called Tudor Rose which was in Crossstitcher, December issue I think. It will eventually end up as a cushion, and it will have a twin.
It was stitched on 16-count white Aida, using DMC 310 Black. I have to admit to not doing proper blackwork stitches, I did back stitching instead for most of if. For those who don’t know Blackwork is suppose to look identical, front and back, which the double running stitch or Holbein stitch is supposed to achieve. Backstitching is quicker though, and as the back will be covered by fabric it doesn’t matter how messy it is.

Once both cushions are made up they will be a present for MIL, her 50th is in October and black and white is her preferred colours for her house.


Birthday stitch for Hubby

I did this back in January for hubby’s birthday, never did get it mounted in a card though. My current plan is to find a nice frame for it (possibly unpick the text as that kinda ruined it anyway) and then DH can have it at work.

The design is another from the Norton diary which came with World of Crossstitch (WOXS), it’s the May chart which hubby picked himself.
Like the other Norton design it’s really fiddly, the ribbons particularly as they are basically just fractionals, but the end result was worth it.
I stitched it on 16-count white Aida with the reccomended DMC floss, the less said about the text the better. Anyway, here it is.


Kokeshi Doll Freebie Kit

I love it when I get little kits with my magazines, I just have to stitch them straight away.

This Kokeshi doll was in the February issue of Crossstitcher, not sure what to do with her yet, it’ll probably be a card for someone. If I was going to stitch her again I might go with 3 strands in her hair, don’t think the coverage was great there. Anyway hope you like.

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Mother’s Day Cards

This year I stitched 4 Mother’s Day cards, one for my wonderful mummy for Norwegian Mother’s Day which was February 14th, and one each for hubby’s mum, grandma and nan for UK Mother’s Day which was March 14th. I forgot to take pictures once the cards were done so most of them you’ll see the stitching only.


This is the one I did for my mum. The design was in World of Crossstitching (WOXS) January issue I think. For anyone living in the uk it would have come as a free kit, but I just got the chart in the magazine. I stitched it on 16-count cream aida using the charted DMC floss. For the wording I used thr alphabet from a different design to write ‘Verdens Beste Mamma’ which is Norwegian for ‘World’s Best Mum’ which is what she is 🙂


This is the one I stitched for my MIL. It’s from the Norton Diary which was a freebie with the December issue (I think) of WOXS. It’s the smallest in size of the MD stitching, but it took the longest to complete, and it’s the most challenging of them, due to the many, many fractional. It’s stitched on 16-count white Aida using the recommended DMC floss.


This lovely Blue Tit was stitched for hubby’s Grandma, I just love how colourful he is, especially with the pink flowers in the background. The design is from CrossStitch Collection, January or February issue. I stitched him on 16-count white Aida, using the charted DMC floss.


Last, but not least I stitched this Victoriana silhuette of a gardening lady for hubby’s nan. The design is from Crossstitcher, January or February issue. The original was done on light green Aida, with the plants in two contrasting shades of green. Instead I decided to do it in yellow. I used 16-count Aida which I dyed yellow using Dylon Hand dye ‘Sunflower Yellow’. I then picked two shades of yellow from my stash and got stitching. It was a fun design to do and I’m already getting ready to stitch the remaining two cards, flower arranging lady and shopping lady. It looks really bright and cheerful in it’s yellow aperture card.

Bookmark Exchange at CraftBubble

I thought I’d share some more of my stitching project with you all. Some of these are a bit old, others have been completed more recently.

First up is a bookmark I did for a bookmark exchange for one of my groups on CraftBubble. My partner has received it now so I can reveal all.


The Bibliophile Bookmark design is by Kell at KincavelKrosses, do check out her design blog, it’s filled with great blackwork charts and other crossstitching too.

I stitched it on 16-count Aida, which I dyed myself using Dylon hand dye ‘Ocean Blue’. The splotches are intentional, I wanted to make it look inkstains. Not sure whether or not I succeeded, what do you think.
Once completed I backed the bookmark with black felt, stitching it on with the outer borderline. Then I pulled a few strands out on each side so it would have a fringe.
I’m not entirely happy with the backing, it’s certainly something I’ll have to experiment with later to find the perfect finish. But as a first bookmark it ain’t too shabby.

Is There Trouble Ahead for McSteamy?

I have a feeling I’m missing out on a killer plotline on Gray’s. This past week I’ve have over a 100 hits on my blog just by people searching for McSteamy, I don’t have the exact numbers to hand but I’m pretty sure this accounts for

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