I have no excuse…but I’m back

It’s been a long, long time, and for that I apologise. I suppose I’ve left the blog suffer for my other writing, but i feel the need to have an outlet once again, just so I can write crap. I’m sure you know how it is.

I’m in work on this fine Saturday afternoon, I’d much rather be at home, but at least i’m not back in work until Wednesday. Paul is finally home on Monday, the house just isen’t the same without him, it’s not home. I have of course enjoyed my time on my own, everyone who knows me knows that I enjoy solitude, within reason, but now it’s time to have my love back home, if only for a few days.

I’ve been doing a lot of read and writing, and just plain relaxing over the last 3 weeks. We had a girls nite in a few weeks ago, where we watched the amazing “Shark Attack 3: Megalodon” with the sex god that is John Barrowman (yes I do know he’s gay, doesn’t mean he’s not sex on legs), it’s like a low budget Jaws, even though it is from after 2000. I mean it is on the B-movie list, but on the list over films so bad they are actually enjoyable. A lot of it’s greatness comes from the amazing lines, for example “Sharks bite stuff. It’s what they do” (really coz i though they were quite cuddly), “Bull-fucking-shit” and “Megalo-WHO?” (yes that is the right thing to say after everyone has had their work colleges munched on by the giant sharky). The line to beat all lines though was supposedly not even in the script, it was of John Barrowmans creation when asked to lighten the mood a bit, luckily for us they kept it in so here it goes.

Cataline Stone: “I’m exhausted.”
Ben Carpenter (John B): “Yeah, me too. But you know I’m really wired. What do you say I… take you home and eat your pussy.”

What is her response? Well it cuts to a sex scene in the shower so I will leave that to your imagination. I have to say here though the ‘actress’ playing Cataline is EXTREMELY bad, she keeps laughing when people are eaten, very bad form indeed.

But enough about that, I highly encurage everyone to watch it, the shark is just amazing it actually growls like a tiger (and sometimes purrs like a cat) so maybe it has split personalities. Highly Entertaining.

Since getting internet at home I’m quit into the whole torrent thing, I now have no patients with my american shows and have downloaded then all up until the strike. I think I might just start a little blog about my viewing habits, just in case someone doesn’t want to know about a future episode 🙂 I really hope the strike is sorted out soon, a lot of the series ended in turmoil, I’m especially unhappy about them ending Heroes as a Season ending instead the original mid season finale. Then there is the way they left Gray’s Anatomy, I mean COME ON. I won’t say more here as I would want to spoil anything for people who just want to wait.

My guilty pleasure when it comes to the downloads, has to be Gilmore Girls. I originally only caught the first series before I moved to England, here I only caught episodes every now and again some season 2, some season 3 etc. well now i have the full season 1-7 at home, i’ve already watched them all and I’m currently re-watching them while I’m home alone. I’m thinking about reviewing them all on this TV watching blog I’m considering, I need to train my analytical skills a bit (excellent excuse i know), well we’ll see what i come up with.

Of course torrents aren’t just for TV series, there are movies there as well (and books, music, software etc), the last movie i downloaded was Juno which is coming to UK cinema’s on the 8th, haven’t watched it yet, just checked the quality, which is excellent DVD quality, but the trailer looks interesting enough, maybe it’ll be on my things to watch tonight 🙂

Well I’m gonna sign off now, but promise I’ll be back soon…


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