Waiting For Christmas SAL

In June I joined Manuela from Le Crocette di Manu/The Shop Around The Corner‘s Waiting for Christmas SAL. I know, Christmas in July, am I going crazy? Well it’s not like we’ve had a proper summer here in Britain yet anyway so might as well get on with autumn and winter planning. I started this pretty much straight away and it was a quick and easy design to stitch, however I’ve been more than a little lazy about posting the pictures lately, so here they finally are.

I really love this design, not sure how I’m gonna finish it, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.



Fabric: 28-count antique white cashel linen
Threads: Caron Wildflowers in Flame, Pine Forest and Holiday

I can’t wait to stitch the second part, as part 1 was so beautiful!


Some interior inspiration

I’ve recently started making our house into more of a home. Previously I’ve had the attitude that “Oh we’re only renting, probably won’t stay here long so why bother?!” Well we’ve been in our current (TINY) flat for over a year now and we’ll be here till Dec/Jan (but then we are definitely finding something bigger), so in the mean time I’m gonna to the best I can to turn this into my dream flat. Because what I’ve finally understood (yup, I’m a little dense) is that you can take everything with you when you go and recreate your perfect rooms in your new place (they may even be better). What really got me going on the redecoration was two things; 1) Pintrest – so addictive and so much fun. It’s such a great way of keeping your good ideas reasonably organized, I used it the way I used to use bookmarks, but because you have the pictures there it’s so much easier to find exactly what you are looking for. My second reason is far less fun, here we go 2)Ants – In June (once we came back from holiday) our house seemed to be infested with the nasty critters so I went on a cleaning frenzy, and discovered that my temporary storage solutions various cardboard boxes under the cabinets, stairs etc made cleaning extra tedious and time consuming.

SO I guess my plan is to de-clutter, find a place for everything, especially my crossstitchcraft supplies (a year ago it was just cross stitch now there supplies for sewing, jewellery making, card making etc. it just keeps growing), make it all look a little more put together. I’ll let you know how it goes, and I’ll even show you some pictures once it looks better.

One of the places I find a lot of inspiration is etsy. There is so much there, creative and vintage mixed, newly crafted and re-purposed all together. Sometimes I look for specific things other times I just put a color into the search box.

Today for example my love of duck egg blue resurfaced, my plan is to have it as the little bit of color thrown in in the kitchen when things are predominately chrome and black. I didn’t really find anything for my kitchen there, but there were some really lovely stuff. So here are my favorite 5 Duck Egg Blue items from etsy:

1) Vintage Tall Chic Cabinet


I feel a little naughty for showing the first one considering it’s sold but it’s so pretty, and actually something I’d consider for my kitchen if it was bigger (the kitchen, not the cabinet).

2) Jewelry Display Cabinet


I love this one, especially how they’ve framed the wall paper to make it a bit more interesting.

3) Felt phone case, i pod, gadget cover


Have I ever told you how much I LOVE felt? Well I do, it’s so versatile, comes in great colors, it’s durable and this case look so, so pretty. It’s on sale at the moment too.

4) Chocolate pillow cover


Brown and duck egg blue is a wonderful color combination, one of my favorites to be honest.The cushion is simple and unfussy, how can yu not love it? It happens ot be on sale as well.

5) Handmade Fabric Doorstop


Doorstops seem to be everywhere at the moment, and this pyramid one made with Laura Ashley fabric is just darling.

Does anyone else like Duck Egg Blue? I doubt I’m the only one.

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