Almost ready to start

Well I have my course materials, I can get in to the course forums and I’ve been allocated a tutor and tutorials. All that is missing is the tutor group forums and Divine inspiration, although I’ll be happy to just get the first one
After getting my TMA08 score today I can put A103 behind me (I don’t really fear that i got less than 30% on 09, so nothing more to worry about), THANK THE HIGHER BEINGS, is all I can say. It will definitely NOT go down in the history books as my favorite OU course (hmm what am I unwittingly saying there?) TMA08 earned me a respectable 79%, which with 600 words missing I can’t be unhappy about.

I’ve had a little look in the BRB (Big Red Book), done a few clusters and freewrites. I definitely prefer the freewrites, I get a much better mind flow when doing them, with the clusters I struggle and it is very forced. Saying that though I don’t think my freewrites are very free, I can’t seem to just from word association to word association but stick with one theme. Hopefully the tutor won’t mind too much, I guess that is one of the things I’ll have to ask about once the tutor group gets going


I am not a happy bunny!!!!!

(wonder why people started saying that?) I am currently in the Siberia of OU study. The forums won’t let me in, not through the FC client and not through StudentHome, in fact it would even allow me to go to . Mr Line has been joking about my OU forum addiction for a few months now, but today it’s really shown it self. I feel I might as well go to bed, as I have nothing better to do. Which, ok, is quite silly coz I have a whole lot of things to do. I have now abandoned my darling Mac mini to Mr Line, and have stolen his green Alien to play around with. It’s huge compared to the very small mac, but I love the color. It also runs Vista which I’m not very used to so it’s nice using it every now and again.
Anyway Mr Line called OU tech support who were very helpful, but it was only as he mentioned our broadband provider in passing that we got to the route of the mystery. It appears Virgin now has a connectivity issue with the OU, which has only just been reported and this should hopefully be fixed by tomorrow, saturday at the latest (personally I have no faith in Virgin sorting anything out so will not place any bets on how quickly the issue is solved). We (Mr Line) also called Virgin, who were the most unhelpful b*****ds imaginable. Glad we’ll be rid of them in Abu Dhabi!!

IN OTHER NEWS, the A215 materials have landed and the course website/forums have opened (fat load of good that does me at the moment). The amount of messages pasted in just 2 days though is amazing, I’ve been keeping up through work pc and iPhone (very trusty iPhone), but people post so quickly it’s hard to keep up. No tutor news yet, though I’m sure that will come up in the next week or so, hope my tutorgroup buddies from A103 will be in the same tutor group, at least we won’t all be total strangers. And I’m also crossing my fingers that the first day school will be before I head to UAE (and it’s not on my wedding day).
Talking of wedding days we will actually decide this tomorrow, we’re heading into town early and going to the registry office to give notice of marriage. Once I know the exact date the stress can begin, not too bothered before then Wedding dress is decided, going to buy it next friday, I have a hairstyle in mind, got an appointment at hairdressers to see how realistic it is to get my hair that way. So just need shoes, a wrap, flowers and rings, oh and clothes for Mr Line (he refused the Mr Darcy look, oh well thinking cap back on). I’m thinking a morning suit for him though, will have to go and source prices on the weekend.

Right, think it’s think for some more drabble postage, don’t forget to tell me what you think

The End Is Where We Start From

Said by the ever wonderful Captain Jack Harkness of course and also the title of Shem’s new story which you can read at HG, remember you have to sign up to read stories there, but then the JA FanFic posted there is among the best there is.
But more of that later, the end I’m starting from is the end of A103. It’s been a long way coming, and I am so relieved to have it all done. Now I can consentrate on the creative writing which I’ve been harping on about for a while (oh had y9ou not noticed, sorry must aim to do more harping).
I bought the material for the course a while ago on eBay, and have looked at the different parts, but nothing in-dept. We haven’t got our materials yet, some problem at the printers or something, but I had access to the PDFs for a while so have had a look at the TMA etc, and they don’t look too intimidating 🙂
Being a bit bored today I thought I’d post my old HG drabbles, as not everyone will want to sign up there to read them.

The End Is Near

Well thank the gods and goddesses for that. I personally cannot wait for A103 to finish, and to start A215. I’ve ordered some books for the new course, The Chambers Dictionary 2008 ed. and The Penguin Rhyming Dictionary amongst others, coz let’s face it when it comes to poetry I need all the help I can get.
I think I spend more time on the A215 forums than A103, although I will really miss some of the people there, especially the Oxford Gang and the people I’ve met at Day Schools.
I’m not really in a typing mood today, I couldn’t sleep last night and then when I finally fell asleep I didn’t wake up till midday, and have been dreadfully tired all day.
Back to work tomorrow, more mindless tasks, working for people with less than half my intelligence. It’s my own fault of course, I can do something about it, quit, apply for new jobs etc.

I just need to get my ass into gear!

Apologies for the layout…

For anyone who has been on the blog in the last few days, you have my sincere apologies for the messiness. I have been experimenting with the template and it hasn’t really been going very well so back to the old way for now.

TMA07 went in at 23:53 so that was quite nerve wrecking, have promised to myself that I won’t do that again, TMA09 should be sent in by the end of August and I’ve scheduled myself to do TMA08 the first weekend of September, that way I can used the tutorial efforts of Oxford and the 60’s Day school to best use.

At the moment I’m just looking forward to finishing A103, there is just too much on the course that doesn’t interest me. My A215 registration is now showing on my StudentHome page, and OUSBA accepted by application for an account with was surprising but very very good. I’m not sure i would have been able to start A215 this year if I hadn’t.

Still writing TMA07

Yupp, fraid I am. The deadline is of course midnight tonight (1st of August) and so far my word count is 22 words. So that’s just another 1478 left then, I have a great essay plan drawn up though and plenty of examples, but I just can’t seem to get started. For anyone interested here is the essay title:

With careful reference to two of the works studied in Block 5, show how attributes traditionally associated with masculinity and femininity are contrasted.

Of course as I already blogged I chose WSS and DJ for my two works, which I don’t regret at all because both are so full of examples. And herein lies my problem, where to start?
I have given each work 500 words, which I have a feeling will be way too little, but it just can’t be helped. I was originally going to look at them side by side, but I’m saving that for the conclusion now, I think. I’ve further broken it down so that each work will either have two paragraphs of 250 words, or three paragraphs of 175 words (stealing a few words from the introduction).

Well I suppose I’d better got on with it, but I’ll keep you posted on my progress, shall we say every two hours?

It’s been a while

It’d been a busy month and a bit, with work, studies and writing. Feel really bad about neglecting my blog especially as I have so much to say :0)
So since last time I’ve had TMA06 back, not as good as 05, but a respectable 75%. Quite happy with that considering I re wrote the whole thing after realizing I hadn’t answered the question first time around.
Now we’re on to TMA07 of course, the long awaited literature part of A103. I decided early on to use Wide Sargasso Sea a sort of prequel to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, telling the story of the so-called ‘Mad Woman in the Attic’. Personally I’m not a fan of either novel, though I am becoming a bigger fan of WSS than JE. I think it is because I can’t understand why JE goes back to Rochester in the end, she is independent at least, not obliged to listen to anyone, and still she goes back to a man who betrayed her and made a fool out of her. Now fair enough she did this for love (what other reason could there have been), but how can she trust him after knowing he locked his first wife away in the attic and pretended she didn’t exist. What in theory is to stop him from doing the same to her if he ever wanted, by marrying him she would be relinquishing her independence again. Of course if Rochester looked like Toby Stephens, I might come running back as well 🙂

But back to TMA07, my second work to use for the essay is Strauss’ Don Juan

I was really worried about doing the music piece at first, after all I’m not very musical in the academic sense of the word. But I’ve passed the course now and as long as I make the pass mark on the last three TMA’s I’ll be happy, so the time has come to experiment. What clinched it for me was the A103 study day in Manchester on the 12th, the lecturer on Don Juan, Graham Roberts, delivered an excellent lecture and made the whole process so much clearer and simplified. it was definitely a very helpful Day School.
I’m off work this week, so the plan is to get kicking with the essay, but knowing myself I’ll find a way of leaving it to the last minute. 1st of August is the deadline, I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

While I’ve been neglecting my blog Doctor Who has finished, as usual the finale had me crying my eyes out. Catherine Tate was amazing, she definitely proved that the Doc Who peeps had chosen the right person to be the Doctor’s companion. I’ll write more about it later though, as I think it deserves it own posting.

In other news I’ve been writing on a few new ideas, not really much meat on them yet, but they are coming along. One looks to be a fairytale, or rather the story of a fairytale, the other one is a contemporary story, though not quite sure of the angle yet. So far there are just a couple of characters on some unrevealing scenes, but I am putting Scrivener to good use, figuring it out. I’ve also been spending my time typing up my old hand written Forgotten Enemy story. But more on that some other time.

I suppose it’s time to sign off, more tomorrow if I’m good 🙂

Just got my A103 TMA05 back…

and it’s time for a celebration. I got my highest score so far, 89%, so chuffed I don’t know what to do (except maybe go and get some wine). I didn’t work very hard on this one, and I definitely didn’t think my TMA made sense, but it seems my tutor thought it did and who am I to argue with the good doctor? I just hope he isn’t one of those nice markers who always give good grades, I mean it is quite a leap from the days of Avril. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see what the next assignments are like. I have promised myself though that I will not be struggling with this one just beofre the submission date, I will be organized for once.
Back to TMA05, the comments Dr Tutor made were very helpful, though in places he seems to have found more insight than I though I had put in. It was definitely the philosophy part of the question with I had the best handle on, though it did better than I had expected and thought with the art part 🙂
Think my line-up for TMA09 will definitely be Literature and Philo, with Art History as the substitute if either of those prove a bit awkward.

Right off to get that wino

The Queen of Blogs…

Though unfortunately not the Queen of blogging, you would actually have to remember to post more than once in a blue moon for that title. This is my new start, trying to get my act together before starting A215 Creative Writing with the Open University in September. I’m hoping this will be a nice outlet for blogging about my day, writing and everything else 🙂

I also have two other reasons for doing this blog:
Firstly I have a dreadful habit of scribbling things down everywhere, and then end up loosing them, never to be seen again. So my plan is to now post some here, at least the more complete scribbleries.

Secondly, I’m terrible at doing writing exercises, I’ll start them with the best of intentions, but not complete them. So with A215 in mind I’m gonna work my way through the writing exercises in Stephen Fry’s The Ode Less Travelled, as poetry is a definite weakness of mine.

I usually write Historical Romance, which I’m scared will be frowned upon by A215 tutors as people tend to look down on you when yo mention this as your area, just to put the final nail in my coffin it is specifically Regency romance I write. There, I am out

I also write fantasy, modern and more traditional. The modern tends to be very BtVS, Angel, Charmed, Hex etc influenced, whereas for the more traditional my inspiration comes from David Eddings (Belgariad and Mallorean especially), though nowhere near that at the moment, as well as Elizabeth Moon and Papa Tolkien (though that really goes without saying)

Currently I’m studying A103 An Introduction to the Humanities with the OU, and loving it 🙂 About half way through at the moment, so scarily getting towards the end. The ultimate goal is a BA (Hons) in Literature, which should take 3-4 years (I hope).

Well it’s the end of another bank holiday, and time for bed, so this should be enough for now.

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