My first few haikus

So I figured I should finally try my hand at this marvel that is the Haiku poem
Following just the bare guidelines of 3 lines with 5-7-5 syllables here is what i got

Haiku 1

Wedding dress hangs there
Seven days till the big day
Nerves creating havoc

Haiku 2

Sun is not shining
Eyelids won’t open, feeling heavy.
Bedtime has arrived

Haiku 3

Blue sky, sun is out.
Chilly winds, cold hands, cold nose;
Winter approaching

Now be dreadfully honest


Tutor group open

Well my tutor group is finally open and I was the first one to post YAY 🙂
Everyone is currently introducing themselves and it seems like a diverse group at the moment, no men yet though. I hope it’s relatively active, although I’m not getting my hopes up, either way I will be as active as I possibly can, can’t really ask for anything else.

I continued with my rutine of freewrites and clusters today, clusters seem a bit easier and the freewrites are more random. I chose the words from some Word of the Day sites, I know there used to be a word promt site somewhere but can’t find it. It would be quite useful to get a new word sent every day, I’ve also started keeping a little commentary after I finish my excersises, just saying how I found it, why my ideas flowed like that ect. Might come in handy at a later date but if not it’s still writing isn’t it 🙂

Right back to work now.

Oh and I might migrate over to wordpress in a few week (think I’ll leave it till after the wedding), it just seems a more creative templete than blogger. But you will all have lots of warn ing before the complete change over

Almost ready to start

Well I have my course materials, I can get in to the course forums and I’ve been allocated a tutor and tutorials. All that is missing is the tutor group forums and Divine inspiration, although I’ll be happy to just get the first one
After getting my TMA08 score today I can put A103 behind me (I don’t really fear that i got less than 30% on 09, so nothing more to worry about), THANK THE HIGHER BEINGS, is all I can say. It will definitely NOT go down in the history books as my favorite OU course (hmm what am I unwittingly saying there?) TMA08 earned me a respectable 79%, which with 600 words missing I can’t be unhappy about.

I’ve had a little look in the BRB (Big Red Book), done a few clusters and freewrites. I definitely prefer the freewrites, I get a much better mind flow when doing them, with the clusters I struggle and it is very forced. Saying that though I don’t think my freewrites are very free, I can’t seem to just from word association to word association but stick with one theme. Hopefully the tutor won’t mind too much, I guess that is one of the things I’ll have to ask about once the tutor group gets going

P&P – Hunsford – Drabblefest 39

Theme: Use at least one song title or a line of song lyrics anywhere in your drabble about a JA character – any song (including children’s songs and opera arias), any time period.

P&P – Hunsford

Darcy looked at her, the emotions struggling in his eyes before he exclaimed, “You must allow me to tell you that You’re the one that I want!”

He eloquently told her how her inferiority and her family’s behaviour did not matter, although it was a carefully considered factor.

He was coming to the end of his declaration now, though his speech was no less passionate then when he began,
“I know my family will say forget that girl and find another, One of your own kind, Stick to your own kind!
“But I’ve crossed the line from mad to sane, A thousand times and back again. I love you baby, I’m in chains.
“Hey lady, will you marry me?”

Lizzy allowed a suitable pause before replying to his plea, though the anger in her eyes should have warn of what was to come,
“I don’t give a damn about my reputation; I never said I wanted to improve my station.
“To live with you would only mean heartache for me
“But I’ll say a little prayer for you, because you will probably need it.”

Be it ever so humble there is no place like…Longbourn – Drabblefest 38

Theme: think about a JA character’s home. How does Darcy feel about coming home to Pemberley, or Colonel Fitzwilliam after a year at war, or Mr Rushworth when he shows a visitor his new improvements to Sotherton, or Willoughby when he has guests at Combe Magna? What makes a house a home Just use the word “home” anywhere in the drabble!
BONUS CHALLENGE: this theme’s vote was very close, so… for an extra, in addition to the word “home,” include in your drabble some form of the word Mama – mother, Mom, Mummy, Ma, stepmother, godmother, fairy godmother, grandma.

Be it ever so humble there is no place like…Longbourn

,””I thought this day would never come he said rubbing his hands gleefully together, “no silly, young girls or chattering, vulgar Mrs Bennet to ruin the peace.”

The servants were milling about, carrying a multitude of boxes into the house, so he decide to retire into his library. He poured himself a nice measure of brandy and sat down in the worn old leather chair.

“God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world,” he muttered satisfied.

There was a knock at the door, and he looked up, “My dear, what can I do for you?”

The female at the door smiled, “I just wanted to let you know that everything has been moved in now. I was going to go call on my mother, if you do not mind.”

He smiled back, “Of course I don’t mind, please give everyone my best.” She nodded and turned to leave when he called again, “Oh Charlotte, why do you not ask your mama and the rest of the family to come and dine with us tomorrow evening?”

“I will,” she said and left.

William Collins leaned back and surveyed his domain, certainly it was nothing to Rosings, but the staircase and fireplace were hansome enough, there were windows aplenty and most importantly it was home.

Wanted – Drabblefest 36

Write a personal ad for a JA character looking for love. Regency, modern, any time period.

This was my very first drabble

P&P – Regency

“Accomplished, sophisticated and fashionable young lady seeks wealthy, distinguished gentleman for marriage; age not an issue, title preferred but negotiable.You must have a great fondness for all things orange, abhor the countryside and not be seduced by a pair of fine eyes.”

Caroline put down her quill for a moment, what else would she want in a potential husband? Maybe something about his looks? No, that was as irrelevant as his age, ancient and rich would do just fine, she could cut quite a dash as a rich, young widow.

She knew she was a catch, after all she had no embarrassing relatives unlike the Bennets who seemed to collect vulgar family members. No, Caroline needed to find a husband before her brother married Jane Bennet and her family was irrevocably connected to the Bingleys.

She put quill to paper once more.

“No seconds sons, clergymen, officers or anyone, at all, connected with trade need reply.If interested please call at Grosvenor Street Monday – Friday at 2 o’clock, your suitability will then be assessed by myself and Mrs Hurst.”

Caroline looked at the finished letter; yes that was perfect now all she had to do was send it of and wait for her wave of suitors.

I am not a happy bunny!!!!!

(wonder why people started saying that?) I am currently in the Siberia of OU study. The forums won’t let me in, not through the FC client and not through StudentHome, in fact it would even allow me to go to . Mr Line has been joking about my OU forum addiction for a few months now, but today it’s really shown it self. I feel I might as well go to bed, as I have nothing better to do. Which, ok, is quite silly coz I have a whole lot of things to do. I have now abandoned my darling Mac mini to Mr Line, and have stolen his green Alien to play around with. It’s huge compared to the very small mac, but I love the color. It also runs Vista which I’m not very used to so it’s nice using it every now and again.
Anyway Mr Line called OU tech support who were very helpful, but it was only as he mentioned our broadband provider in passing that we got to the route of the mystery. It appears Virgin now has a connectivity issue with the OU, which has only just been reported and this should hopefully be fixed by tomorrow, saturday at the latest (personally I have no faith in Virgin sorting anything out so will not place any bets on how quickly the issue is solved). We (Mr Line) also called Virgin, who were the most unhelpful b*****ds imaginable. Glad we’ll be rid of them in Abu Dhabi!!

IN OTHER NEWS, the A215 materials have landed and the course website/forums have opened (fat load of good that does me at the moment). The amount of messages pasted in just 2 days though is amazing, I’ve been keeping up through work pc and iPhone (very trusty iPhone), but people post so quickly it’s hard to keep up. No tutor news yet, though I’m sure that will come up in the next week or so, hope my tutorgroup buddies from A103 will be in the same tutor group, at least we won’t all be total strangers. And I’m also crossing my fingers that the first day school will be before I head to UAE (and it’s not on my wedding day).
Talking of wedding days we will actually decide this tomorrow, we’re heading into town early and going to the registry office to give notice of marriage. Once I know the exact date the stress can begin, not too bothered before then Wedding dress is decided, going to buy it next friday, I have a hairstyle in mind, got an appointment at hairdressers to see how realistic it is to get my hair that way. So just need shoes, a wrap, flowers and rings, oh and clothes for Mr Line (he refused the Mr Darcy look, oh well thinking cap back on). I’m thinking a morning suit for him though, will have to go and source prices on the weekend.

Right, think it’s think for some more drabble postage, don’t forget to tell me what you think

Brain Washed – Drabblefest 12

Theme: People may love each other deeply, but somewhere there is a line to be drawn: “I’ll do anything for you, give up all that I have, EXCEPT….” Your task as drabble author: what is that line, and who refuses to cross it? And will they change their mind? Ideas: “I love you but not your cat,” “I love you but I won’t give up the remote control,” “I love you but please don’t sing to me,” “I love you but that was the last piece of chocolate!”

Brain Washed

Mr Darcy stood next to her holding her hand and cupping her face, “My darling, you know my feelings for you. I love you, dearly, but I abhor that orange colour you persist in wearing.”

Caroline gasped, “I had no idea my dear Mr Darcy. I shall never wear the colour again.” She was mortified, Caroline had always supposed orange was one of Darcy’s favorite colours, after all he loved tangerins. From that day forward though she burned her orange dresses and wore blues and greens instead, they seemed to be what the gentleman himself like the most.

Mr Darcy continued to visit her every night, though strange requests were made. One night he said, “I love you Caroline, but I think you need to give your niece and nephews some pin money, they are excellent children.”

Caroline who hated the little vermin was shocked, but she needed to keep Darcy happy, “Of course, I will give them a ten pound note each.”

Caroline was startled out of her dream by a fierce cry of “YES!”, and saw her two nephews and niece laughing in the corner. Instantly she knew what had happened, the children had been whispering these things to her every night. It had all been a dream.

Protecting the Innocent – Drabblefest 11

Theme: Who’s talking – is someone talking to himself/herself, or to others, or to a painting or other object, or to an animal? Is the person sane, lying, honest, sarcastic? And who’s listening…. is it a maid or butler, a parent or child, a villain?

Protecting the Innocent

Mr Bennet passed his daughters bedrooms on his way to his own bedchamber, from one room there were giggles and a lot of snorting. He shook his head, they were undoubtedly the two sillyest girls in England. From Lizzy and Janes room he just heard hushed voices, he was about to move on when he heard a gasp. His natuaral curiosity, which he had passed on to his favorite, made his stay outside their door and listen.

“…and the letter was so honest, giving me all the particulars. I cannot believe we were so deceived by Mr Wickham, to think he would seduce innocent young ladies, and as a means of revenge. He truly is the lowest creature. He would have eloped with the poor girl to Gretna, and all for her fortune. Thank God he was stopped. She was only 15 then you know,” Lizzy said animated.

“But perhaps it was not as bad as all that, might not the story have been exaggerated? Perhaps his sister did not tell the whole story, and he is unaware of this?” Jane said, though with little conviction.

“This will not do,” said Elizabeth. “You never will be able to make both of them good for any thing. Take your choice, but you must be satisfied with only one. There is but such a quantity of merit between them; just enough to make one good sort of man; and of late it has been shifting about pretty much.”

Mr Bennet stayed no longer, but neither did he retire to his bedchamber. Instead he went again to his study and proceeded to write a letter.

To Colonel Forster,
_____shire Militia,

Colonel Forster,

I have some disturbing news regarding one of your officers, specifically one George Wickham…

Mr Bennet sealed the letter, it would be delivered on the morrow, and then their neighbourhood would be rid of the man. He did not know who the poor girl Lizzy and Jane had talked about was, but he knew it could have easily been one of his girls if they had larger dowrys, and he would not let such a black guard loose amongst the innocent ladies of Meryton.

The softness of her kiss, the loudness of her scream – Drabblefest 9

Theme: The theme is KISS. The drabble must involve a kiss, real or imaginary. it can be any kind of kiss — romantic, “just friends,” even a kiss of death

The Softness of Her Kiss, The Loudness of Her Scream

“Oh Miss Elizabeth you must allow me to tell you how much I admire you. Almost from the first moment I lay my eyes on your alluring person I knew that you would have to be my wife, especially as Jane was already taken.”

The young girl infront of him blushed prettily and smiled at him, so he continued, “Might I ask you for a kiss, as a token of our engagement?”

She nodded.

He pulled her closer to him and leaned down, attacking her mouth with his own. “Oh Mr Collins”, he though heard her moan, and continued his attentions most ardently. Her lips wer so soft and sweet and her scream so piercing. Her scream?

Collins opened his eyes and saw to his dismay Mrs Bennet right in front of him, fighting him off.

“Mr Collins, pray remember I am already married,” she wailed.

Mr Bennet snickered in the background, “I always said the gentlemen might like you best of all Mrs Bennet.”

So whatcha think?

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