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Well the time has come to reveal the winner of my first every giveaway. I would have loved to give you all a kit but unfortunately I only have one to give.

I printed out all the comments and got hubby to help draw the name.

And the winner is


Hope you enjoy the birdies 🙂


Another Cross Stitch Finish

I had an urge last week to make a scissor fob, I already had a design in mind – Blue Ribbon Designs Alphabet Tree freebie. I decided to stitch it on 25-count Lugana Granite, using Polstitches Dragonfloss – 90 Mother Earth. It’s got some beautiful shades, and worked really well on the fabric.


I finally made it up yesterday, using DMC Variations 4128 for the cord. I used backing fabric from Deckchairstripes, I ordered some free swatches from them and one fit perfectly.

Barbara’s cute Giveaway

Barbara, of To Stitch or Not to Stitch, has announced a giveaway on her blog. And the lucky winner will get a beautiful project holder bag, with essentials such as a shopping list memo block and pen. If you want to be in with a chance of winning it, head on over to her blog and start following it 🙂

On another, but similar, note, I’ve overwhelmed by the response to my own giveaway. 39 entries already and there is still over a week to go.

February Christmas Ornament Complete

Finished stitching my Christmas Ornament for February today. I chose a design from Issue 34 of The Gift of Stitching (the 2008 ornament issue), figured it’s about time I started stitching designs from all those back issues 🙂 The design I settled on was Gingerbread House Ornament by Olive Dyck of Olive Hope Design.
I used some of my hand dyed Polstitches fabric stash, Summer Breeze I think, 28 count evenweave. And I made up the floss colors from my own stash; the two browns of the gingerbread house was Weeks Dye Works Cocoa and Chestnut, the tree was done in Dragonfloss Holly Leaves and Wood Elf, and snow/frosting in Kreinik Very Fine Braid (#4) 032. The candy-cane was done in DMC Blanc and 321, and the yellow of the moon and windows was Madeira Silk 0114. The beads (supposed to look like Smarties on a gingerbread house) were various from my collection of Gütermann Beads and cheapy ones I picked up on Abu Dhabi, not entirely happy with them, but it will make for a fun and colorful ornament.


Tune back next month for the March ornament, this time from Issue 35 of The Gift of Stitching.

Stitchy Saturdays – A Finish and Some Progress

I thought I’d take a leaf out of my friend Kell‘s book blog and instate Stitchy Saturdays here at Wikkid Woman. All in the name of getting some structure into my blogging and life 🙂 So for this first Stitchy Saturday I have a finish to share with you and some progress on other pieces.

My finish was started on Day 12 of the Crazy January Challenge, Lizzie*Kate’s All You Need Is Love. I stitched it on 25-count fuchsia lugana evenweave, and used my own floss choices, you can see them below:
Brown text and cupcake and heart outline – Madeira Silk 2008,
Cream on cupcake and inside heart – Madeira Decora 1523,
Flowers – Dragonfloss 201 Sweetheart,
Leaves – Dragonfloss 206 Wood Elf,
Variegated text and swirls at bottom– Dragonfloss 115 Hugs with Stitches,
Framing the A and bottom square– Dragonfloss 113 Greetings.


Now I just need to find the perfect frame, I know what it looks like in my head I just have to find it in real life 🙂

As for my progress, the one I have worked on the most is Raise The Roof – Sleepy Hollow Sampler. I just LOVE stitching this one, it’s so sketchy and atmospheric. I started stitching it on Day 5 of the challenge and have finished most of the middle motif now. I’m really enjoying the specialty threads, the GAST seems a bit wooly (maybe that’s just me, but I love the texture) and the WDW is just lovely too.


Another piece which has seen a little progress is the wall hanging I’m making for my mum. I finished the motifs on either side of the text and started a flower border thing at the bottom, but then I decided I don’t like the houses on either side and I’m gonna frog them and just have a flower border above and below. This was my first start of 2011 and it’s one I need to finish pronto so I’ll be picking it up again shortly.


Very First Blog Giveaway

I’m always keen to join in when other blogs and websites have giveaways, so I thought it was time I gave back to the community and had a giveaway of my very own.
All you have to do to join is leave a comment on this post, and if you want spread the word on your own blog, before midnight (GMT) on Sunday the 27th of February, the winner will then be announced on Monday the 28th of February.
Please remember to include a link to your blog or e-mail address in your comments so that I can get a hold of you if you are the winner.
And I almost forgot the most important part, the prize. Here you go:


It’s a complete kit; all the threads, 14 count aida and tapestry needle. I won it myself a month back, one of those magazine giveaways but it’s not really something I’ll stitch myself. Hopefully some of you will fancy it though 🙂
I’ll post anywhere, so if you want it just comment below.

Valentine’s Biscornu Exchange

I love participating in exchanges, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, so when a Valentine’s Biscornu exchange was arrange at CrossStitchForum I was obviously in. The sending date was at the beginning of February, and since I have receive mine and my recipient has received hers I can now show them off 🙂

Here is the lovely biscornu I received from Rachebabes. I love the tassels on it, it’s definitely something I’m gonna try on my February biscornu.


My biscornu went all the way to California and to Rowlesgirl. It wasn’t actually the biscornu I had planned on sending, I was stitching on a different one and suddenly realized I’d made a massive counting mistake, I just couldn’t face unpicking and it was too big a mistake to incorporate. So I started a new one, completely my own design, even trying out some specialty stitches like Rhodes hearts and satin stitch diamond. I’m really pleased with it and hope Rowlesgirl liked it as well.
I stitched it on my own hand dyed 16 count aida, using a few different variegated floss, I think (so forgetful) the letters are in a Dragonfloss shade, Rhodes hearts and satin stitch in a Anchor Variegated and cross stitched hearts in Pomme de Pin Pimprenelle. The buttons were ones I picked up in Bangkok last year. Really don’t get to use them enough.


ATCs from January

In January I participated in two ATC exchanges, on with CrossStitchForum and one with the Addicted to ATCs group on facebook

The theme for the Addicted To ATCs was Garnet, the ATC had to be stitched using a garnet shade. I went for a blackwork design by Liz Almond which was part of the Design Library in World of Crossstitching last year, Blackwork Garden I think it was called.
I stitched the design using Navy 16-count aida and DMC 817 and 815 (I think)

And here is the beautiful ATC I received from Jaki. I love the bling in the middle 🙂


For the Crossstitchforum ATC the theme was a bit more obscure. It was supposed to either have something to do with our forum names or something which represented us as a person. I had a hard time figuring out what to stitch, my forum name is a short form of my pen name so it had to be something to do with books. In the end I had hubby draw an outline of a book on my fabric and I back stitched the lines, then I found a romantic looking silhouette and stitched that as the cover. I’m really pleased with it.
The ATC is stitched on 32-count Belfast linen, using DMC 310, a DMC red (816 possibly) and the silhouette is in GAST Black Raspberry Jam (I just LOVE the color of it). I stitched the silhouette over one which was a nightmare, but as is the case with so many nightmarish things it was well worth it. I’m just sad i didn’t get to keep it.


I received this ATC from Ali-Cat, cleverly using a cat alphabet to illustrate her name. Isn’t it cute?


Another TUSAL update and a sneak-peek

Well the New Moon is back and so is the Totally Useless SAL. No luck in finding the perfect ORTs bowl yet, saw this beautiful hand painted cognac glass (huge one) in a charity shop window the other day but when i went in 30 minutes later it was gone, so the hunt continues.
In the mean time here is this month’s picture, with my ORTs resting in a champagne glass.


And here is a little sneak peek at the prize I’m giving away later in the month, anyone care to make a guess?


January’s Goals reviewed and February’s Goal’s Revealed

It’s time to sum up how January went in the goal department. Not to bad in my opinion, after all I only posted them towards the end of the month. The stitching goals were all reached, but the writing has been a bit slower, as has the book reviewing.

Every Month:

1. Post on my blog at least once a week
2. Post picture of my TUSAL jar on each new moon
3. Stitch a biscornu for my Basket of Biscornus (I haven’t bothered joining the official blog, I’m just gonna do it on my lonesome)
4. Stitch a Christmas ornament
5. Plot 3 new stories/plotlines – Only 1 story plotted
6. Write 10,000 new words (either on existing novels or new stories) – Approx. 7000 words written, on an oldish story
7. Read 4 books a month, and write reviews for them – Not written a single review. Bad Line

January Only:

1. Start and complete the first 15 days of the Crazy January Challenge 2011
2. Finish Emily Peacock ‘HUG’ cushion
3. Start and finish Lizzie*Kate ‘Time for God’ design as a bookmark
4. Start c25k (Couch 2 5k) training plan Only done a week, but it’s going great so far

And over to February’s Goals. I’ve decided anything not managed in a previous month will roll over to the new month. I can see some unmanageable goals in the future.

Every Month:

1. Post on my blog at least once a week
2. Post picture of my TUSAL jar on each new moon
3. Stitch a biscornu for my Basket of Biscornus (I haven’t bothered joining the official blog, I’m just gonna do it on my lonesome)
4. Stitch a Christmas ornament
5. Plot 5 new stories/plotlines
6. Write 13,000 new words (either on existing novels or new stories)
7. Read 4 books a month, and write reviews for them (have to review 8 for Feb)

February Only:
1. Finish wall hanging for mum
2. 2 x Mother’s day cards
3. Arrange Giveaway on blog
4. Finish one more projects started during Crazy January Challenge
5. Complete 4 more weeks of C25K
6. Complete Scissor fob for exchange
7. 2 x ATC’s for exchange

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