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In May I joined the Lizzie*Kate Exchange Blog and promptly joined in with the first exchange open to me. I had a really hard time deciding on which chart to stitch, and an even harder time figuring out how to finish it. I mean, my stitching is good, but I don’t have a lot of finishing experience since I haven’t been particularly adventurous when it comes to finishing off my stitching. To tell you the truth I was getting really anxious about the whole thing, especially as the standard of finishing amongst the rest of the blog members was really high. I finally decided on a pattern, Plant Love from issue 28 of The Gift of Stitching, which stitched up quickly. I used 32-count natural linen, and floss from my stash, a mixture of DMC, GAST, WDW and Dragonfloss.


Then I had it lying around for a few weeks before I figured out how to finish it. By coincidence I had picked up some paper mache boxes at a store near us, and had the bright idea of trying to mount my stitching on top of one. How hard could it be, right? As it turns out, not too hard actually, provided you have the right tools of course.
Before mounting it I painted the box in white, then I attached the stitching to some mounting board, together with some wadding and finally used my dinky new glue gun to attach it to the box top. I trimmed the bottom of the box with some adhesive ribbon and trimmed around the top with some purple cord. All in all I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it looked, one of the favorite things I’ve made so far.

Judge for yourselves 🙂


My partner, Conny, got it without any problems, and I think she liked it.

Not long after I sent mine off I got a package of my own through the letter box, containing this beautiful ornament from Angela P


It’s so beautiful, and it really inspires me to keep trying new finishes, I’m determined that a few of my Christmas ornaments this year will be made up using this flat finishing. After all, with this perfect example how can I go wrong?

Round D is getting close to send off dates and I have of course signed up, so hopefully you’ll get to see pictures from that in the beginning of October.


Cross Stitch Finishes – The Sampler Girl ‘Fancy a Darcy Day?’

The Sampler Girl was having a sale back in May (or was it June) and I got a few charts I’ve been wanting for a while. The first one I stitched up was ‘Fancy a Darcy Day?’. Instead of the charted colors I choose an Anchor variegated thread, 1342, and I stitched it on to 32-count natural/raw linen. I’m also stitching Sampler Girl’s ‘Fancy a Jane Day?’, but when I was doing the last few stitches I realize I made a mistake and had to frog the whole silhouette and since then I haven’t wanted to pick it up again. It’s stitched on the same fabric as Darcy but with a peachy variegated instead, I’ll show you a picture when it’s done.

Anyway, here is ‘Fancy a Darcy Day?’


Crossstitch WiPs – Little House Needleworks Two Sheep

Way back in April I made a start on a Little House Needleworks freebie called Two Sheep. I was given it along with probably 50 or more charts from a friend of mine. Lots of LHN, CCN, LK, Bent Creek and SB charts, I wanna stitch them all, and have managed to stitch a couple so far.

But back to Two Sheep, I’m stitching it over one on 28-count evenweave which I tea dyed, and when it’s finished I’ll have a go at mounting it on an altoid box 🙂 I’m using threads from my stash, a mix of WDW, GAST and DMC.

This was one of the pieces l left behind in Liverpool, but I have it here in Basingstoke now and will try and finish it in the next month. Here is a picture of it as I left it back in April


Cross Stitch Finishes – Lizzie*Kate Forgive Quickly

This is one of the first finishes I had after we moved. I had some how managed to leave all my WIPs and all my fabrics behind in Liverpool, and all I had here was some charts and fabric. But after some eBay retail therapy I had more than enough to get on with some new projects and as I said this was my first finish back in May.

I love how this design combines traditional and modern, it’s so different from their other designs, but still very Lizzie*Kate-ish.

I stitched it on 28-count antique white cashel linen using Polstitches Dragonfloss Sweetheart, I left out some of the design on the borders as I was running out of floss but I think it looks nice like this, definitely my own.

Eventually I’ll make this onto a cushion or frame it for the bedroom


Something new – Gustav Klimt’s Tree of Life from Yiotas XStitch

A few weeks ago I was asked if I could review a cross stitch kit from online company Yiotas Xstitch who sell cross stitch kits and patterns. I got to pick any kit I wanted from their store to review and they’d send it to me for free. Choosing a kit was not easy, if you have look at their store you’ll see why, there is so much choice. In the end I went with Gustav Klimt’s Tree of Life, I love Klimt’s art in any case an this one has some lovely earthy colors.

The kit arrived in the mail a few days later (super speedy delivery) and looks like this


The chart is printed on good quality paper and it’s printed over 2 A3 sized sheets so the symbols are nice and big, excellent if your eyes aren’t all that good or when your just tired.

Another great thing about this kit is how the threads are all sorted and wound on to numbered bobbins, it makes it so much easier to keep everything in order. The aida which came with it is nice and soft, it’s ecru or cream which is great for this pattern as that means you don’t have to stitch the background. The floss is Madeira, which I think always looks shinier than Anchor and DMC, but as I haven’t used Madeira cotton much I don’t know how well it stitches up coverage wise.

Don’t you just love the colors used in this one?


Not sure when I’ll get started on this one, I’m thinking next week, once I’ve finished a WIP which I’ll tell you more about later. I’m stitching a few smalls over one on 40 count as well soon and think this project, with it being on 14 count aida, will help me get through the tiny, tiny stitching relatively sane.

Stitchy Saturdays – A Finish and Some Progress

I thought I’d take a leaf out of my friend Kell‘s book blog and instate Stitchy Saturdays here at Wikkid Woman. All in the name of getting some structure into my blogging and life 🙂 So for this first Stitchy Saturday I have a finish to share with you and some progress on other pieces.

My finish was started on Day 12 of the Crazy January Challenge, Lizzie*Kate’s All You Need Is Love. I stitched it on 25-count fuchsia lugana evenweave, and used my own floss choices, you can see them below:
Brown text and cupcake and heart outline – Madeira Silk 2008,
Cream on cupcake and inside heart – Madeira Decora 1523,
Flowers – Dragonfloss 201 Sweetheart,
Leaves – Dragonfloss 206 Wood Elf,
Variegated text and swirls at bottom– Dragonfloss 115 Hugs with Stitches,
Framing the A and bottom square– Dragonfloss 113 Greetings.


Now I just need to find the perfect frame, I know what it looks like in my head I just have to find it in real life 🙂

As for my progress, the one I have worked on the most is Raise The Roof – Sleepy Hollow Sampler. I just LOVE stitching this one, it’s so sketchy and atmospheric. I started stitching it on Day 5 of the challenge and have finished most of the middle motif now. I’m really enjoying the specialty threads, the GAST seems a bit wooly (maybe that’s just me, but I love the texture) and the WDW is just lovely too.


Another piece which has seen a little progress is the wall hanging I’m making for my mum. I finished the motifs on either side of the text and started a flower border thing at the bottom, but then I decided I don’t like the houses on either side and I’m gonna frog them and just have a flower border above and below. This was my first start of 2011 and it’s one I need to finish pronto so I’ll be picking it up again shortly.


Crazy January Challenge – DAY 14 and 15

A bit late but here are my last two WiPs. On the 14th I started a freebie from Les tites’croix de Ludivine (if you scroll down it’s the one called Coeur), it’s being stitched on 32 count linen, one over one, using DMC 815 (or 816, can’t remember).
Didn’t get a lot done, and luckily I don’t have a deadline as the recipients don’t know they are getting it.


For Day 15 I finally got my water bottle started, although I wish I’d never started now. I went to buy fleece first of all, but fell for some lovely short haired fake fur fabric instead, it feels lovely and soft.
I tacked the waste canvas on and started stitching, got really into it as well and then put it down. When I picked it up again I realized it was all at a weird angle, so i had to rip it all out. Now the only thing on it is newly tacked waste canvas, waiting for me to start stitching again, but I’ve gone off it now.


Crazy January Challenge 2011 – Day 12 and 13

A little bit late in posting this, hubby has been hogging the mac lately (too be fair, it is his work computer). For day 12 I decided to start another Lizzie*Kate design, ‘All You Need Is Love’, I was somewhat spurred on by the arrival of my lovely new stash, and as I didn’t have the specialist threads needed i decided to pick ones from my stash. Mostly I’ve gone with Dragonfloss, although I’ve used some of my Madeira as well. For anyone interested, here is the floss I used.
Brown – Madeira Silk 2008, Cream on cupcake – Madeira Decora 1523, Flowers – Dragonfloss 201 Sweetheart, Leaves – Dragonfloss 2-6 Wood Elf, Variegated writing – Dragonfloss 115 Hugs with Stitches, Around the A – Dragonfloss 113 Greetings.
I stitched it on 25-count Fuchsia Lugana, 2 over 2. I think the Zweigart evenweaves must be my favorites to stitch on. I stitched most of this on the 12th, but picked it up again today to do some more. It’s just so much fun.


For my 13th project I made a change to my list. I had originally planned on stitching hubby a card, however I found a perfect one in the shop so didn’t need it. Instead I’ve decided to add another biscornu, I’ve signed up for an exchange so need to stitch it asap. It’s Valentine’s Day themed so I’ve gone really pink with this one. I’m stitching it on Polstitches Love and Kisses (I think) aida, and have so far used Pomme de Pin Pimprenelle and Pomme de Pin Evanescence. Didn’t get a lot of stitching done, just the middle part.


Crazy January Challenge 2011 – DAY 11

For day 11 I started my baby panda chart which was in Cross Stitch Collection(CSC), its by Pollyanna Pickering. I don’t have all the floss for this one yet so just had to start with a colour I had. Unfortunately this was quite close to the fabric colour, so you can’t really see it on the picture, not too bad in RL though to be honest.
I’m stitching this on pale green 25-count linen, with two threads over two, so this version will be slightly bigger than the CSC one as that was stitched on 14 count aida. The fabric is a bit weird, I bought it in Abu Dhabi and it was sold to me as evenweave. However, it quickly become apparent that this was linen, extremely uneven linen. I don’t mind too much though, as long as i keep it in a hoop the stitching will be even. No wonder it was so cheap, and I bought it in 4 colours (all the cuts 70 x 140 cm).

Here is the best picture I could manage


The Wedding by Lavender and Lace – Completed and Framed

While browsing another blog I can upon another finish of this and realised I’d forgotten to post the framed picture. So sorry, but I promise you will not have to wait any longer

The full view, have to say taking pictures without getting a reflection in the glass was hard


And a bit of a closer look at the frame, just love this


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