Tutor group open

Well my tutor group is finally open and I was the first one to post YAY 🙂
Everyone is currently introducing themselves and it seems like a diverse group at the moment, no men yet though. I hope it’s relatively active, although I’m not getting my hopes up, either way I will be as active as I possibly can, can’t really ask for anything else.

I continued with my rutine of freewrites and clusters today, clusters seem a bit easier and the freewrites are more random. I chose the words from some Word of the Day sites, I know there used to be a word promt site somewhere but can’t find it. It would be quite useful to get a new word sent every day, I’ve also started keeping a little commentary after I finish my excersises, just saying how I found it, why my ideas flowed like that ect. Might come in handy at a later date but if not it’s still writing isn’t it 🙂

Right back to work now.

Oh and I might migrate over to wordpress in a few week (think I’ll leave it till after the wedding), it just seems a more creative templete than blogger. But you will all have lots of warn ing before the complete change over


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