ATC exchange – Winter/Snow themed

I recently joined a xstitch forum, and once on there I just had to join their various exchanges. This one is an ATC (Artist Trading Card) exchange, with the theme Winter and/or Snow. ATC’s are restricted on size, they should always be 2.5 x 3.5 inches, so I chose to do it on 16 count aida so I could fit more on to it. The motif is from a Luxury chart book which I believe was a freebie with World Of Cross Stitching in September or October, I changed the colours, stitching the snowman with white DMC metallic thread. It was a pain but it looks much better than the charted pale blue. The stars and writing was made with Madeira metallic thread which were also freebies except I can’t remember from where, and the border was made with a mix of madeira metallic and DMC cotton.

And here is the picture



Cross Stitching – WooHoo!!

A while I go I believe I promised some pictures of pieces I’m working on with my newest hobby – cross stitching. I saw a kit at Magrudy’s in July and though, ‘What the heck, let’s give it a go.’ despite not having cross stitched since primary school.
The kit I picked up was a wedding sampler with ‘Tatty Ted’ from the ‘Me to You’ range, I thought it would be nice to stitch with my own wedding date and names as it all happened so fast 🙂
The wedding sampler is still a WIP though, with only the wording and back stitching left to do. Most of the back stitch wasn’t too bad but I’m a bit stuck on the bits that make the bears look fluffy and cuddly, it’s a pain in the *** to put it mildly. Anyway my aim is to have it finished before Christmas, but then I have to start a new one as my soon-to-be SIL has requested one for her wedding (Thanks, Hel).

Anyway here is a picture of what it should eventually look like (of course with different names and date),


and here is my WIP in it’s different stages.

1. All the full cross stitches done.2. Half stitches and some back stitching done.


More Back stitches and French knots. This is as far as I have got, mostly finished, but with the fiddly bits left.

See, it’s not too bad is it?

Well, while not working on the wedding sampler I’ve started a few other projects, two of which were very small and was started and finished within hours. They were freebies from a couple of Cross-stitching mags I bought. What do you think?
<p style="text-align:centerPhotobucket<PhotobucketPhotobucket

I think the bunny rabbit is sooo cute, and really easy too stitch.

Another bigger project I’ve been working on is a Classic Winnie The Pooh from Anchor picturing Winnie and Piglet; it’s is a birthday present for my MIL and it’s almost finished, which is great since her birthday was last week 🙂 She’ll get it before Christmas though, well that is the plan 🙂 Here are the different stages of it, the last picture was taken Saturday evening and is the most recent, the only things left are some back stitches on the grass and butterflies and a few french knots. Then it can be framed and shipped.

Here it is with all the full stitches done

And here it is with most of the back stitching and half stitches complete.
Please let me know what you think.

I do have one more project which is only just started, but I’ll give that it’s own post with some other soon to do pieces.

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