Chatelaine Anniversary Mandala – Sleeping Beauty’s Castle Part 1 (beadless)

In June I started the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle Mandala (AKA the Anniversary Mandala AKA Fairy Tale Castle Mandala AKA Online 95) from Chatelaine Designs. I’ve been wanting to stitch one of Martina’s gorgeous designs for a while now, but this is the first one that screamed “STITCH ME! STITCH ME!”. What could I do but oblige?


I bought the kit (sans fabric) from European Crossstitch Company, once it was shipped it arrived very quickly from the states, excellent service all around.

I got my fabric from the always dependable Sew and So, 32-count Antique Blue Belfast linen from Zweigart. It’s a very, very pale, slightly mottled blue, as of yet none of the pictures seem to pick up the actually colour of it.

As I said, I started it in June after three parts had been released, but I’ve only just finished part 1. It’s been a bit slow going, the pure cross stitch part seem to take forever and it was super boring, I just wanted to get to the specialty stitches (patience is NOT one of my virtues). In the beginning I took a picture after each colour change, but towards the end I kind of forgot. I promise I will aim to do better for part 2.

But here is a slide show of part 1 so you can see the progress.

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There is a part missing, the beading. I will bead as I go, but I decided to leave the beading in part 1 until I’m ready to start the part 2 beading as there are some bead heavy motifs there. I won’t be starting part two straight away, I have a small project I want to finish first. However, by the beginning of next week I think I’ll be ready for part two.


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