Stitcher’s Sampler – 2nd Update

I haven’t been able to work on this project much, which is a shame as I love the design, but other projects must take precedence. It is especially the wedding project which is taking me away from this design, after all it has a deadline, a quickly approaching deadline.

Keeping that in mind I’ll show you the little progress I have made. Most of the border is done and since the first update I also finished the hearts in the inner most box. This project has not turned out as I had imagined, when I first got the chart from Rosemary I started planning the colours etc., but when I got my hand dyed floss from Polstitches I knew I had to included it. Then I won a giveaway with some other hand dyed cottons (Pomme de Pin) and knew I had to included them too. All of a sudden the sampler became not just a celebration of stitching, but also of colour.

So here is where I’m up to.

A closer look at the border colours.


The hearts in the inner box are stitched in Polstitches Dragonfloss – Seawitch and a bright yellow cotton, the inner border is stitched in Pomme de Pin Pimprenelle and the lighter outer border is Pomme de Pin Evanescence. I’m seriously loving hand dyes!


New Cross Stitch WIP – Stitcher’s Sampler

The other day I finally made a start on my newest project, The Stitcher’s Sampler. The chart is from World of Cross Stitching (WOXS) issue 146.
This is what it will eventually look like, with a few changes to make it more personalized to me.

I’m stitching my version on a piece of 14-count hand dyed aida I got in my grab bag from Polstitches. I think it’s ‘Rustic Rhubarb’, but can’t be sure. I’ve only managed to stitch the middle words so far, and for this I used Polstitches Dragonfloss – Outragous. Just love the colours in that floss.


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