Thursday Three

I thought it was about time I re-introduced this one, as I always had so much fun finding 3 things to feature.

1. People I’d like to punch in the Face – I’m not entirely sure how I found Jen’s blog, but once I did I was hooked. I went back to the beginning and read my way through her entire archive. She has a great sense of humor, a lot of snark and she doesn’t take herself too seriously (my pet hate is people who snark on everyone else but can’t handle any snark back). One of my favorite recent posts is , do check it and the rest of this blog out.

2. Bunheads – Did you LOVE Gilmore Girls? Then you need to check out this new show from Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino. Don’t let the first episode fool you it only gets better. The quick quips, small town drama and the amazing Kelly Bishop, all work together to draw you in. And if that isn’t enough there is the “Spot the Gilmore Girls alumni” drinking game, fun for everyone. Unfortunately I can’t find any news on who (if any) has bought the UK rights, but in the US the series was back from it’s mid season hiatus yesterday, one of the highlights of my week.
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3. Norwegian waffles – I LOVE waffles, they were always my favorite treat as a kind. Warm, freshly made, with a bit of butter, jam, sour cream and/or cheese, they were just divine! And since I have an amazing husband I started the new year as a waffle maker owner ( best Xmas gift EVER), now I can have a little taste of the old country when ever I want!
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Do you have anything you’d like to share?


Explaining the magic new (but old) posts

You might have noticed an increase in the archives, but then again you might not have. The reason for it is of course that I have used wordpress’ nifty importer tool and imported all my old blogs to this one place. There are about 5 different blogs mixed into this one blog now, so you might come across 5 posts saying welcome to my blog, this is my first post la-di-da, then there will be about 5 posts with the usual, OMG I haven’t posted for month’s soooo sorry, will do better now. But I never do.

I had two NaNoWriMo blogs, one for 2007 and another for 2008, these were without a doubt the most neglected ones, mostly because once I actually got to November and NaNo started the last thing on my mind was blogging. I had fiction to write don’t ya know. The Nano blog posts refer to winners badges on the site, but I don’t actually have them here. Maybe I’ll make a little bragging page where I can display my achievements, but that’s not really at the top of my to-do list at the moment.

Now I think that was it, no more important info to announce.

And yes you will get a proper blog post soon(-ish)

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