March Biscornu, a couple of cards and an exchange

As I said on Saturday I have a couple more finishes to show you, today i had a picture taking session and got it all done. And I got permission to use a picture taken by the recipient of my exchange item, silly me had completely forgotten to take a picture before sending it off.

My Basket of Biscornus challenge, which I set myself, is going really well. For March I decided to honour St. Patrick and stitch up Faby Reilly’s Shamrock Biscornu, it used to be a freebie on her site, but she seems to have taken most of them off the site now. So if you don’t already have the chart, tough luck I’m afraid. I decided to stitch this one on 18-count cream aida (trying to use up my aida, really did buy a shed load when we lived in Abu Dhabi), I used 2 different types of floss, the dark green is Madeira Decora 1479 (satin thread), and the variegated is DMC Colour Variations 4045. For the gold I used Madeira Silk 2210, and the beads are gold Mill Hill ones. I love the button in the middle, it was part of a charm pack my dear friend Kim gave me. Originally it should have been for a Shephard’s Bush stocking but I use them for various other things (the silver heart charm in the January biscornu is from the same charm pack). I think this might be my favourite biscornu to date, it certain is hubby’s favourite. The best part of it is the blackwork in the two larger shamrocks, it just gives it lovely texture, it also helps that the satin floss is a little ticker than the cotton so it’s more raised.

Here it is from the top.

And here, a side view

Finally a closer look

I also stitched two cards for Mother’s Day this year, I never remember when the Norwegian Mother’s day is (at least not until after the fact) so I just send cards for the British one. I’m sure that makes me an even better daughter, my mum gets celebrated twice (once by me and once by my bro). This year I decided two free cover kits would do the trick. For my mum I’ve stitched a card from the same series as the one she received last year, The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady. I love these designs, timeless classics!


For MIL I stitched a Fizzy Moon freebie. These WOXS free kits are driving me crazy, they keep cutting the thread length very short and some of the colours are really hard to differentiate between. It stitch up really nicely though and I changed the words on the note to ‘MUM xx’.


Last, but certainly not least, we had an Easter-themed scissor fob exchange at CrossStitchForum. I decided to stitch a Penelopis freebie on mine, and stitched it up on some 28 count handdyed Polstitches fabric. I made the cord out of some variegated Anchor floss i had, it is infact the same colour as the one I included in the package, very Easter-y/Spring-y. Didn’t manage to take a picture myself, but Alice kindly let me use the one she took of the goodies I sent.



A Very Unproductive Day

Woke up this morning just as hubby was leaving for work, and felt like absolute crap. Was sure I was going to be sick, so just stayed in bed listening to audiobooks, trying not to move too much. By midday the nausea was mostly gone, I made myself some porridge which seemed to help a lot (I love porridge!!!), and then sat down to do some stitching.

I have quite a few things that need to be stitched ASAP, the FIFA ATC, birthday cards and other occasion cards, Lovequiltsuk squares and 2 Round Robins (RR).
I started stitching on the ATC, but the fractionals were driving me mad, so I started on the RRs instead. I signed up to 2 Round Robins at Craftbubble, one is an unthemed RR, on 14 count aida with 6 participants. I was stressing a bit about getting the fabric since I didn’t have any in my stash. I had gone to by some a few weeks back at my craft shop, I had wanted cream 14 count and 16 count. Then when I got home and had a good look at the pieces the craftshop guy had cut for me I realized he had sold me 11 count and 18 count. Fumed for a good while when I figured that one out, 18 count I didn’t mind but what on earth was I going to do with even more 11 count? In the end I did of course find a solution, the Aida is now being used for the Lovequiltsuk squares.
But back to the issue, no 14 count. Well my brain finally kicked in and I realized I have some 14 count in the kit I bought in Bangkok, got it out, measured it and it was more than big enough. Huge sigh of relief! And it’s even been sewn around the edges to prevent fraying 🙂 So my job today was to grid up the six 4×4 inch squares and stitch my square. Easier planned than completed, half way through my left hand started complaining, RSI kicking in full force. I decided to ignore it, just took some Tylenol arthritis pain killers and kept stitching, BAD idea. I only managed to finish the gridding and do some housework before the pain was back again, with vengance!

I still had to do the weekend shopping though so just went off to LuLu with gritted teeth and got it over with.
Since I got back I’ve been sitting down watching a film trying to ignore the alternating throbbing and shooting pain down my arm. Now it’s luckily down to a dull throbbing, and hopefully by tomorrow it’ll be fine again. It has to get better, after all I’m off out on a girls night and it would really suck if I can’t hold my cocktail.

So yeah, that was my useless day, completed about 20% of what I set out to do 😦 Might as well have stayed asleep!

So what am I doing NOW?
Dulling the pain with some Makers Mark and coke

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