An Old Finish, Emily Peacock’s HUG cushion

I finished the cross stitch on this cushion ages ago, there is even a post about it. Yikes, that was 2 years ago! Well you will be happy to know it did not take me two years to finish it into a cushion, I got a sewing machine as a wedding anniversary gift in October 2011 and made it up shortly after that. But it has taken me since then to blog about it.


I love the light brown and ivory striped ticking cotton fabric I used for the backing and while the pom-pom trim was a pain in the backside to stitch on (and is nowhere near perfect) I’m glad I persevered with it. I bought the fabric from a fab eBay seller, they had the most amazingly gorgeous fabric (expensive though), but they don’t seem to be selling any more, which is a shame (don’t worry, I did stock up quite a bit while they were in business).


It took me forever to find an inner for it, if making a cushion cover I would definitely suggest finding an inner and making the cushion cover to fit it rather than the other way around. My inner is not a perfect fit, but it was cheap (from ikea) and the best I could find. I love my HUG cushion and I wish I had my KISS one finished as well since they would look so great together but that particular WIP has not been touched for a while. To be honest I haven’t even stitched since last summer, completely lost my bug. I have a feeling it will be back soon and hopefully it will stay for while, long enough for em to finish some WIPs at any rate.



Yarn Wrapped Letters


I’ve not been very well over the Christmas period, and that has meant a LOT of couch/bed time. Luckily I found a super easy, enjoyable and great looking craft to keep me occupied – Letters wrapped in yarn. I’ve seen a lot of versions of this on Pinterest, and thought I should add my own version.

I got the letters from Hobbycraft, £1.99 each (although I think they are on sale at the moment so might get a few more). they are paper mache, but wood ones would do just as well. The yarn was on sale, £1.50 each, I’m sure I could have found some cheaper on ebay or elsewhere, but I wanted to get started straight away.


In addition to the letter and yarn I used double sided tape and a hot glue gun. I started with the H, deciding first how I would cover it.
In the end I decided that the main layer should be horizontal, I started by doing the tops and bottoms, fastening the yarn with double sided tape, then I completely wrapped the middle vertically before doing each leg. The H was without a doubt the easiest to wrap, the O was the worst. The M was ok apart from the pointy middle bit, luckily my hot glue gun was great for making the yarn stick there. Same with the E, having all those ends were fiddly but the glue gun was a great help in making them stick.

I’m really pleased with the end result, and I’ve already got a commission from my mum to make another one. And I’m making another one for me saying LOVE (predictable I know).


That’s all for now 🙂 (And yes I know I totally glossed over the fact that I haven’t been on here since August)

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