Baah, baah little sheep

I LOVE sheep, and I have a ridiculous amount of sheep designs in my stash, especially from Little House Needleworks and Shepherd’s Bush. But I haven’t gotten around to stitching a lot of them yet.
You’ve seen one of them partly stitched, well it has been fully stitched now


Little House Needleworks – Two Sheep (freebie)
stitched over 1 on 28-count teadyed evenweave
using a mix of WDW, GAST and DMC

Another design I stitched from LHN was this one from the 2010 Ornament series.


Little House Needleworks – Winter Sheep (No.5 in 2010 Ornament Series)
stitched on 32-count Sea Storm from Lakeside Linen
using a mix of Dragonfloss, DMC, WDW and GAST

My next sheep is one I’m particularly proud of, as the design was all me. I’d been toying with the idea of making some self cover buttons, but I hadn’t been able to decide what to stitch to cover them. Then I though a nice wooly sheep would be nice, particularly to use as a button a a cushion I have planned. And to give it some nice texture I decided to do it entirely in french knots. I basically just did an oval of french knots, then filled it in with more french knots, then did the black french knots (for the head) using 4 strands. I haven’t actually made it in to a button yet as I wanted to do a few more on that fabric before I cut them out. I’m not 100% happy with the design, he needs a few more french knots in his body and he definitely needs longer legs, but I’m surprisingly happy with the french knots in general, they used to be my least favorite stitches.

My own design
stitched on 21-count Avocado Fine Ariosa
using DMC 310 and DMC Variations 4015


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ragathnor
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 18:29:51

    I love fish, but who designs fish cross stitch..nobody, that’s who! Love your little sheeps…you lucky girl, you.


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