The Wedding by Lavender and Lace

Finally it’s time for the unveiling of my secret wedding project. I managed to finish and frame it in time for the wedding, and Tom and Helena seemed very happy with it. I had a few ups and down while stitching it, mostly because of the various changes I’d made with the colors, so really I can only blame myself for this one.

Now as you all know I can be cruel, and today is no exception. So yes, you will get to see the whole project, but you’ll be following it every step of the way as well.

As you have by now figure out I stitched The Wedding by Lavender and Lace. Here is a picture of the original, using the charted colors and recommended fabric (sorry for the poor quality, this is the picture from the Lavender and Lace website).

As you will see I made a lot of changes to the original, the main one being the color of the dress. The original is white, but Helena’s wedding colors were off-white, gold and brown, so I started with off-white as the base color for for the dress and used the DMC color family list to help me choose the matching shades. The DMC shade card would no doubt have been better as an aide, but since I had all the shades myself the colour family list worked just as well. Other changes included the hair colors, ribbon colors and completely dropping the bride’s maid. I should also mention that it was stitched on 16-count Zweigart Lurex aida, cream with. gold flecks. Ok, here we go.

Most of my cross stitch projects to date have been started from the middle of the chart, but with ‘The Wedding’ I decided to start from a corner since I had gridded the fabric anyway.
This was the first picture I took of my progress. Because I was stitching in a hoop I tried to complete sections, color by color.


Here a few of the other shades are done

Depending on the light it was quite golden looking, especially when the off white was filled in.


Once the top part of the dress was done I started on the bottom part, some procedure as before, color by color.

I love the way it just adds on the texture, showing the folds on the dress.

I thought filling in the off-white would be a real chore, but because everything else was filled in I could just stitch without counting, at least until I got to the bottom.

Some more filled in


Most of that bottom section done


I will leave you now with a full picture of the progress up till then. Don’t worry, you shouldn’t have to wait for the next section for very long.



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