Like reconnecting with an old friend

When I moved to Liverpool I started buying The Guardian newspaper, not because I wanted to appear cleverer than the other students (ok that might have played a small part), but mostly because they had a special price for students. If you didn’t already know, students love a good deal. Anyway through daily reading I fell in love with the paper, and had a few regular columns I just had to read.
Amongst those were Pass Notes, a series in G2 with a Q&A kinda take on the issues or interests of the day. Seriously, the topics were beyond broad, although if a politician had done something stupid (and they always do), you’d know he’d soon be starring in the column.

Well I was only a reader for a couple of years before the series was axed (same time as they changed to the Berliner format I think), and while I still loved The Guardian my day was just that little less bright. Then of course we moved to Abu Dhabi and I stopped reading the paper.

Only recently did I start reading it again, online through hubby’s iPhone, but Pass Notes was all but gone from my mind. Then today I found them again! Yippi!!!! And what’s more it came back in September 2009 which means I have 174 pass notes to catch up with!

Don’t say: You sentimental fool!

Do say: Yippi!!!!!!!

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