Dream Home Location

While browsing the Guardian the other day I came across a column I used to love reading, the Let’s Move To… series. I just love seeing these little gems they’d pull out of the real estate bag.

A few weeks ago the highlighted location was one of my dream ones, a little village in Dorset. Ever since my year in Bournemouth, when I worked as an au pair, I’ve been in love with the area. While I’ve never actually been to Wareham, the location in the article, I’ve been to other villages like it and it sounds perfect.

It’s nothing but a dream though, I doubt we’ll ever actually end up down there, but a girl can dream.Right?

I do have other dream locations in mind, but I’ll tell you about them some other time.
For now I’ll leave you with a picture of a rather gorgeous property there, way out of our price range, but thatched roofs get my vote everytime
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I feel I should add that if you would like to steal my dream home, it’s listed with Savills in Wimborne. I will of course hate you forever and then there is the bad karma, but with a house like that I’m sure you won’t care.


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  1. claire93
    Jul 06, 2010 @ 09:03:57

    oh gosh, yes that would be my idea of a dream home too, with Irish Wolfhounds running around in the garden lol


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