Pain, Great Pain

After seeing A Knight Tale many moons ago my friends and I started saying saying the above, it stuck for a few months and when ever I am in pain I remember the quote and hanging with my friends, and I feel a little bit better.

Today’s pain is not too great, just very sore muscles. Yesterday my friend and I had our first riding lesson in a month, and instead of a lesson in the paddock we went hacking in the desert. It was fantastic! Being out in the open was MUCH cooler than riding in the paddock, I mean it was hot, but nowhere near as bad as our lessons a month ago was. And the horses loved it as well, they were excited from the moment we rode away from the paddock and the muscle soreness stems from trying to hold mine back. It was a great change, usually he is really slow at the beginning of lessons and only perks up after the first canter. Yesterday he was powered up from the beginning though, the first canter I though he was going to run all the way to Dubai with me. But after the first struggle he was well behaved for the rest of the trip, as long as I kept the reins short and thight.
So I don’t really mind the soreness, it was definitely worth it.

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  1. Kell
    Jul 04, 2010 @ 20:57:09

    I use that quote too – LOL! Love that film. 🙂


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