A Very Unproductive Day

Woke up this morning just as hubby was leaving for work, and felt like absolute crap. Was sure I was going to be sick, so just stayed in bed listening to audiobooks, trying not to move too much. By midday the nausea was mostly gone, I made myself some porridge which seemed to help a lot (I love porridge!!!), and then sat down to do some stitching.

I have quite a few things that need to be stitched ASAP, the FIFA ATC, birthday cards and other occasion cards, Lovequiltsuk squares and 2 Round Robins (RR).
I started stitching on the ATC, but the fractionals were driving me mad, so I started on the RRs instead. I signed up to 2 Round Robins at Craftbubble, one is an unthemed RR, on 14 count aida with 6 participants. I was stressing a bit about getting the fabric since I didn’t have any in my stash. I had gone to by some a few weeks back at my craft shop, I had wanted cream 14 count and 16 count. Then when I got home and had a good look at the pieces the craftshop guy had cut for me I realized he had sold me 11 count and 18 count. Fumed for a good while when I figured that one out, 18 count I didn’t mind but what on earth was I going to do with even more 11 count? In the end I did of course find a solution, the Aida is now being used for the Lovequiltsuk squares.
But back to the issue, no 14 count. Well my brain finally kicked in and I realized I have some 14 count in the kit I bought in Bangkok, got it out, measured it and it was more than big enough. Huge sigh of relief! And it’s even been sewn around the edges to prevent fraying 🙂 So my job today was to grid up the six 4×4 inch squares and stitch my square. Easier planned than completed, half way through my left hand started complaining, RSI kicking in full force. I decided to ignore it, just took some Tylenol arthritis pain killers and kept stitching, BAD idea. I only managed to finish the gridding and do some housework before the pain was back again, with vengance!

I still had to do the weekend shopping though so just went off to LuLu with gritted teeth and got it over with.
Since I got back I’ve been sitting down watching a film trying to ignore the alternating throbbing and shooting pain down my arm. Now it’s luckily down to a dull throbbing, and hopefully by tomorrow it’ll be fine again. It has to get better, after all I’m off out on a girls night and it would really suck if I can’t hold my cocktail.

So yeah, that was my useless day, completed about 20% of what I set out to do 😦 Might as well have stayed asleep!

So what am I doing NOW?
Dulling the pain with some Makers Mark and coke

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