Crossstitchforum Easter Egg exchange – Received by Recipient

Yes I’m aware Easter was quite some time ago, but the poor recipient of my effort only recently received her egg, and only after I stitched a replacement egg.
It’s the first time something has disappeared for me on an exchange and I hope it’s the last time, not because I had to stitch another one, but because I feel really bad that my recipient had to wait to much longer for hers.

For those who don’t remember this is what the first egg looked like,


and this is how I finished it, as a felt needle book. I’m almost glad it got lost as I was entirely happy with this finish


The new one looks nothing like the old one, it’s 16-count instead of 11-count. I dyed it pink, with Dylon Flamingo Pink. And I finished it as a Floss keep. I put the two sides together using whipping stitch, like with a biscornu, it was pure hell though, much more fiddly than my mini biscornu (which I get to send out soon!!!)

Here is the front of the new one –


and here is the back –


I should add that the bunny in the Easter egg was taken from this design at Cross Stitch Happy

For more info on the exchange check out this post from a while back.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mags
    Jun 12, 2010 @ 16:54:04

    Hiya Line,
    Just catching up – thanks again for the lovely floss keep which I am chuffed to bits with. I came by as I was hoping to see what you had done with the first version which was lost and I would have been chuffed with the needle case too. Many thanks, mags 🙂


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