First post of June NaBloPoMo, and a hellish evening

I decided to try the (inter)National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) thing again. I made an attempt last July, and think I stuck with it for two days or something, do let’s hope I stick with it the whole month this time 🙂

The theme for the month is ‘NOW’, and I’ll see if I can’t include it in my posts every now and again (see what I did there). Actually my plan is to end all posts by saying what I want right at that moment.

You catch me on a pretty crappy day actually. As you might know Abu Dhabi is getting mighty hot, the easy way around that of course is to spend your days inside as much as possible. So that’s what I do, all errands are left for the evening, the humidity might be high but I can live with that.
So back to today’s crappiness. I had to go get the laundry and sone shopping done, left the house at 6 pm, sun was still up but so much cooler. Got to the road to get a taxi and what did I see? Endless line if cars. I waited for 40 minutes before I got a taxi, at even then I had to walk to the other side of the road. Well fast forward 20 minutes, laundry handed in, groceries bought, clean laundry collected, and 20 people standing before me in the queue. So I decided to walked up to the main road, it was a quick walk, 5 minutes maybe. Then I proceeded to wait for 35 minutes for a taxi!! And some abaya clad lady who had just got to the bus stop tried to steal my taxi in front of me. Well I was having none of it, told her there were about 7 others in front of her in the queue, got past her and jumped in the back. Another 20 minutes and I was home.

But this was not the end of my taxi woe, oh no. Hubby was working late (it’s been that kinda week) so I said I’d come into town and keep him company. I only stopped at home long enough to hang up the clothes and put away the groceries before I went out again. Well this time I only had to wait 20 minutes for a taxi, jumped on and said “Abu Dhabi mall”. I swear the driver laughed at me, mockingly even! Long story short (or is it already too late for that), he refused to go due to the bad traffic, and I walked home calling hubby to let him know he was on his own for the evening.

And they all agreed it had been a great day…

Soo, what I want right NOW is:
MORE taxis in AD (because I’d rather be stuck in a traffic jam sitting in a nicely airconditioned taxi, than standing by the side of the road waiting for one)
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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. claire93
    Jun 06, 2010 @ 10:00:23

    I hope you’re keeping a diary of your Abu Dhabi experience – would give you so much material for a modern romance ^^


    • Line
      Jun 06, 2010 @ 17:07:51

      To be honest I’m not a big modern romance fan, I prefer to live in the past. That bring said though I keep seeing similarities between emirati society and the English regency era, emirati society is a smidgen stricter when it comes to women and men interacting.


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