Feeling Charitable?

The other day I was doing my usual late night Internet browsing, when I found this site LoveQuiltsUK.

Here is a little bit about them, by them:
“Love Quilts UK is a world-wide group of stitchers who cross stitch squares for British children under the age of 19 years, who have life threatening or life-long illnesses.”

On the site you can read each kid’s story; if, like me, you are a little emotional at times, I suggest you keep the Kleenex ready, these stories are just heartbreaking.

Of course after reading I knew I had to contribute, so I’ve signed up to make two squares for the time being. One for a little boy who likes engines; I’m stitching four different trains in the square.

The second square is for a little girl who likes fairies. I’m stitching her the Spindleberry fairy from DMC’s Flower Fairies series, the autumn one which was in Crossstitcher in October. I’ve already cut up the fabric, now I just need to pick up a few skeins of floss at Green Branch and all will be ready to stitch. The two squares I’m doing aren’t due till August, so I’m not going go rush them too much, they are both 9×9 inches big after all. Honestly though, I don’t think we’ll be too far into July by the time they are stitched and ready to be sent off. And then I’ll sign up for some more!

If you think this is something you’d like to get involved with go to the site and have a look around. On the ‘Kids 2010’ page you will see the kids currently having quilts made for them, and you can find someone you’d like to stitch for. There is also the option of stitching ‘Any Kid squares’, you can get more information on this on the site. So please visit LoveQuiltsUK

That’s not all the charity news for this week though, not by a long shot.

A friend on csf (Crossstitchforum) is participating in the Relay for Life and wanted to raise some extra money by selling cards. She posted about it on the forum, asking if anyone was interested in making some and of course a whole lot of people were. I’m really proud to be a member of a forum where everyone is so helpful and generous! I haven’t decided what to stitch yet, but will get on that tomorrow as I want to have 3-4 cards stitched and ready to go by the end of the week since they need the cards by the beginning of July. You can never quite rely on the mail service between the UAE and the UK (had stuff take a week, other stuff a mobth) so I prefer sending early when possible. If you are a card maker (it probably doesn’t have to be cross stitched) and would like to join in, then visit the Crossstitchforum and have a look in the tread. Here is a link Stitch Cards for Charity

Last, but certainly not least, is a friend who is doing a sponsored climb of Kilimanjaro in aid of the Strachan Hartley Legacy Found (SHLF). Kirstin has spent some time the last few years raising money for charities, and has so far raised almost $8000 for this year’s charity, her goal is $10,000 and I have no doubt she’ll reach it. If you have a few $, £, € or even ¥ to spare please go to Kirstin’s donation page and make a donation. Please go here Kirstins Donation Page.

If you’d like to read about Kirstin’s amazing journey (the climb will take place in late June), then check out her blog – Kirstin’s Kilimanjaro Climb For Charity

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday 🙂


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