Almost a month

It seems I have unintentionally done an anti-NaBloPoMo, not posted for a month. Ack, the shame, the shame! Would I be forgiven if I said I’ve been QUITE busy this past month. Oh goody, I would hate to have the guilt hanging over me.
Well I have cross stitched loads, completed a XS bookmark for an exchange on, stitch mother’s day cards from hubby’s mum, nan and grandma, got off to a great start with the Mystery Wedding sampler, stitched some more on my HUG cushion (not really enough to brag about though, still plenty to do) and frogged Tatty Ted.
That’s right, Tatty Ted is no more. Originally I had actually joined UFO week on CSF so I could finish off his BS but as I got a closer look at it I realized I had made soo many mistakes that I feel the only way forward is to start from scratch.
Other than stitching I have been on a quick holiday to Bangkok (loved it, didn’t want to leave) and best of all, my novel is coming along brilliantly, all the story holes have now been filled and now the great edit of 2010 can start, plot holes, misnamed characters, resurrected henchmen beware, by the time I’m finished you will be no more 🙂 or so I hope. After the edit it’s going to a beta, I’m hoping I’ll be on track for that in May. So lots of updates ahead, stitching pic, holiday pics and all shall appear this week


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