Easter Egg Exchange

On the same forum where I joined the ATC exchange they also had an Easter egg exchange. The idea is that everyone uses the same basic shape for the egg stitch, but they can ‘fill’ it however they want, there were predesigned eggs to stitch from or you could design your own. And once the egg is done you can make it into what ever you want as well, an ATC, a card, coaster, needle-keep, floss keep, there are no limitations.
I was originally going to use a black work design which was already made, but then suddenly (and unexpectedly) decided to make my own.
The idea for mine came from reading a thread where members were creating a band sampler together. Simply explained a band sampler is a long piece of fabric with a ‘band’ or row of stitches being worked, followed underneath with another row of different stitches. Sort of a practical how-to guide to different stitches. A more indept explanation can be found here.

In any case, after reading their thread I decided to try a band sampler like feel to my egg, I’m not sure I’ve succeeded, you’ll have to tell me that.

I stitched the egg on 11 count white aida, which I dyed to a light yellow using Dylon hand dyes. I used DMC cottons, the green is all from a varigate shade and there are a few different shades of yellow and orange. The egg has 5 ‘bands’ in different stitches or designs.

I have no idea what to make out of it yet, so any suggestions are welcome.

Here is a picture

If you want to have a go yourself, here is the website the basic egg shape is from and here are the predesigned eggs. Enjoy


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kell
    Feb 26, 2010 @ 21:59:49

    You definitely achieved the band sampler effect and you egg is gorgeous. 🙂


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