New Year’s Resolutions – Part one

Happy New Year everyone!

I usually make New Year Resolutions, of course they are usual banal, immeasurable things, and no I won’t give examples. This year I’ve decided to be different. Yes I’ve still got resolutions, but this time around they are measurable goals. As the last part of 2009 swept by it occurred to me that I was wasting valuable time. For over a year now I haven’t worked, I’ve studied of course but hardly enough to qualify it as a full-time job, or even a part-time one. And now I’m not even studying, effectively I’m sitting on my ever-growing behind, doing nothing, day in and day out. Normally this would be a great time to evaluate, decide on what I want to do with my life, do some volunteer work which might help once I’m actively job seeking again etc. But I already know what I want to do, I want to be a writer, what I do day in and day out on my ever-growing behind is write; although lately it’s been more editing and deleting than actual writing. Now what is the one foremost goal a writer should have? That’s right, get published. And to publish you need to submit to a publisher, or an agent. Which neatly brings us to…


Finish and polish to submission standards a manuscript for Mills and Boon Historical. Submit MS no later than August 1st. Originally there were a few stories in the running to be submitted, but in the end I settled on Adele’s story. It’s a previous NaNo story which has been edited and added to over the years, and has the added bonus of being part of a threesome of books, although lately they’ve grown (in my head) to about 8 books. Still, only three are plotted and mostly written so for now it’s a trio. Adele’s story is set during the regency, although it’s one of the only stories that doesn’t have a set year yet. The reason for this is simple, 5 years prior to the story starting the heroine is banished to live with relatives in the colonies, I need to find out how safe it would be to travel from Britain to America. I don’t mean the usual problems back then with storm etc sinking ships, but rather the problem of the two wars. I’ve dealt with the Peninsular and Napoleonic wars in other stories, but only on land, I have zero knowledge of the Navy at that time. My mind seems to remember that the great Naval battles were earlier, around 1800 but still French ships intercepting English ships from the colonies could have happened so it needs researching. As for the second war, the war of 1812, I know next to nothing. Did it interfere with travel to Boston for example, or did the fighting just stay in Canada? So yet another thing to research before setting the date.

There are of course a million other things that need fixing with the story, but my main worry as I read through it a few days ago was the ending. There is no doubt that my leading couple are in love, earth shattering, heart breaking love. BUT they’ve hurt each other so much and got such a distorted view of what has actually been going on that I can’t seem to find a plausible reason for them to reconcile and live happily ever after. And they do live happily ever after, they feature in the other two connected stories and I know how many kids they have and their names. So yeah, a little frustrating to say the least, but I have no doubt it will be resolved. In the words of my favorite Mr. Darcy –  ‘I shall conquer this.’


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