It’s That Time Of Year Again…

NaNo time. Okey I suppose it is just over two weeks away, BUT this is officially the longest I’ve left it without planning anything. My excuse is pretty good actually, I had an exam on the 14th and spend all most of my time studying for that. Yeah it went ok actually, thanks for asking. Struggled a bit with the poetry, but everything else was alright.

Sooo, moving on. For those out there who haven’t heard me harping on about NaNo before, here is the short version: NaNo is short for NaNoWriMo which is short for National Novel Writing Month. It’s not so much national as international theses days and anyone can join. The rules are quite simple, you write a 50,000 word novel/novella in 30 days i.e from November 1st-30th, yes it must be in November, one of the unchangable rules I’m afraid.

Now I guess the next question would be ‘What’s in it for me(or rather you, erm you know what I mean)?’ Absolutely nothing, except the awesome feeling of accomplishment you get when your progress bar changes colour and everyone can see your a winner. I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s probably not something which will appeal to you unless you are a writer, but then I don’t see why you would even bother joining up if you aren’t. Actually I am a bit of a liar(what ever Drew), last year and the year before all winners would receive a free proof copy of their trade paperback book from self publishers ‘Create Space’. If I remember correctly you got a voucher on the winners page and you went to their site and arranged it all. I’m not sure exactly how you did it coz I never took advantage of it, most of past NaNo novels are still in that editing phase and likely to never emerge from it.

No one at NaNo headquarters actually reads your story though, even the verifier is automatic so no one is likely to steal you brilliant idea, or give you a book deal. Thought I should mention that as I had a friend once who claimed she had got an e-mail from the lovely people at NaNo offering to publish her book. Funnily enough she couldn’t remember her username when I asked if I could add her on my buddy list. Aww well probably just didn’t wanna be my friend. As it turned out though her NaNo publishing claim was one of her least fantastical stories 🙂

Sorry went off the topic a little there, back to the issue at hand. So after all this why should you sign up for NaNoWriMo 2009. If you are a writer and you feel you need an extra push then a month of working towards that 50k target should help you get a little rutine, also the NaNo community is great and with regional forum where you can meet likeminded people in your area and lots of other forum focusing on everything from genre to procratination and research. Basically everything you could want 🙂

So if you find you have some time to spare in November, look it up, get the more in-dept explanation from the site and start writing (well in 15 days time), here is the website anyway and you can look me up by clicking on the NaNo badge in the side bar.



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