McDreamy, McSteamy and McChicks

I’ve been spending the last week or so re-watching Grey’s Anatomy. It’s a show I loved from the start, but due to my work hours when it was first on UK television I missed a few episodes from the first and second season, so while we were house sitting last month I made sure I downloaded Season 1 and 2 to make the set complete.

Well I’m now on season 3, just about to watch Meredith die and come back to life, and of course the sorry excuse for a story line that then followed. When I first watched the show this was what turned me off the whole Meredith/McDreamy thing, I mean come on how much back and forth can there be? It’s not like it’s Days of Our Lives or The Bold and The Beautiful, or some other daytime soap. I mean, seriously, SERIOUSLY! Sorry, just couldn’t resist.

Well fast forward to the current season and Meredith and Derek are finally together again, although their little marriage just between themselves is sure to blow up into something big. My guess Derek is in an accident, then comatose and Mer has no say in what to do bacause she has no legal say in the matter. Well that’s just my two cents, and at this point I couldn’t care less if they both died horrible deaths. No, the Gray that has my allegiance is Lexi. And the Lexi/McSteamy relationship is the most intriguing and sweetest relationship I’ve seen on telly for a while (they are batteling it out with a few others, but currently they are in the lead). And I’m not saying that just because Eric Dane is amazingly sexy and HOT, well maybe that is part of the reason. Anyway here is a pic to drool over while I try to remember the point of this post. It should come to me in a day or two.

McSteamy_Doctor.jpg image by bunchedup


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  1. Andrew Webber
    Jul 30, 2009 @ 11:24:19

    You are incorrigible!

    Have you really been watching Grey’s again, or did you simply want to work a photo of Mc Steamy into the blog..hey? HEY?

    I agree with the middle innings writing slump that occurred around the whole “rebirth” scenario … but it seems that work experience writers were assigned to alot of series at the same time –

    Greys has been a mainstay of the Bayt Al Webber since it’s beginning, and it was that reason alone we persevered during the “dark” period of rubbish writing that went on.

    At least Grey’s didn’t suffer at the hands of the writers of Private Practice during the writer’s strike – a poorly executed (in acting AND writing) show that has only just been pipped at the post in the crap TV stakes by Nightrider 2009. (Where at least the car looks hard and unmoving because it is made of steel NOT because it’s had a litre of botox injected into its face.. err.. grill… whatever)

    Seriously bad.

    Apart from Addy having “Winslett disease” (the issue of having a head that looks like a foot) EVERY character only has two states of existence. Moody, or pre moody.

    …err.. but that is another rant.



    • Line
      Aug 01, 2009 @ 23:53:29

      Of course i’ve been watching it 🙂 Actually finished with the season 5 finale this morning in my hungoverness. Next on the viewing agenda is Private Practice, because I love Addy and the rest 🙂


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