Things You Do In Dhabi When It’s Hot

Maybe that should be things I do. And for the most part the answer would be sweet FA. I do my best to stay out of the sun during the day and only step out into the über-humid evening if absolutely necessary. But within the four walls (and we seriously only have 4 walls) of our apartment there is not much to keep occupied with, and to avoid dying of boredom (or taking other drastic measures) I needed to find things to do.

A month or so down the line, and I now have two addictions, erm hobbies. One is absolutely terrible, a devil made made thing, which sucks your life and soul right out of you- I call it The Sims 3.

It’s so freakin addictive it’s not even funny, once I start I just can’t stop and to top it off I discovered the Sims3 online community, seriously not good. Luckily (in some ways) we don’t have internet at home, so since our house/cat sitting gig ended the time I’ve spent on has been minimal. Mostly I just pop by and read a few stories or check the boards if I have any issues. Then of course I got sucked into the whole Legacy business. For those not in the know, the legacy challenge is creating one sim, man woman of child bearing/rearing age, you then have to buy the most expensive lot (not house) which leaves you with about 1000 simolions for house building etc. Clearly you can’t build a house with so little money and most sims spend the first while of their existence sleeping on park benches, showering at the gym, crashing other people’s picnics etc. There are many more rules to the legacy but the main thing is you have to get through 10 generations of sims without using any cheats. Maybe that’s easy for most people, well not for me, finding the money cheats is always the first thing I do when playing the sims.  But more on that later. So yeah, my first Summer hobby, The Sims 3.

The second addiction is a far more conventional hobby, I’m cross stitching. It’s something I haven’t done since secondary school, but instantly loved it again and slowly but surely getting more confident with it. My first project was a kit i bought from Magrudy’s, a ‘Me to You’ bear wedding picture. The plan is to find a nice, plain wedding album where I can frame and mount the picture at the front. I’m about 2/3 of the way through, and not quite sure what to start after it. There is a crafts shop here called ‘Green Branch’ and I think I’ll have a gander in there for future stitchings.

More on both hobbies later, for now I’ll have to sign off.


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