Falling in love/lust, whatever…

A few months back in fell, head over heels, totally and utterly, in love with a gorgeous pair of SHOES. Peep-toe, high heal, sand coloured canvas with thin leather strips in green (turquise), pink, colar, peach, white, yellow, orange and light blue…sigh…

No, I don’t have a shoe fetish. I just don’t usually find shoes I love, I usually fall in lust with them, and definitely in want, but the minute I try them on and they can’t accomodate my large awkward feet, the infatuation end. In the case of the aformentioned shoes however they fit perfectly, no battle to fit my foot in, my toes were not wishing they could just be cut off. In short the looked beautiful, on and off.

Unfortunately our love was not to be, the gorgeous, amazing shoes came with a 400 dhs price tag, which for me is far too much when I’m not even working. So I reluctantly left the shop and came back every now and again just to gaze lovingly at them…hmm maybe I do have a shoe fetish.

Fast forward to last Friday, my birthday. As usual hubby had not bought a pressie, instead I was sent to buy one myself, well that’s not quite true, he would have come except I know how much he hates shopping for stuff that aren’t guy related. I had no idea what to get, there wasn’t really anything I needed, but at his mention of clothes I figured it was worth a look-see, after all the sales are on. So after a morning spent watching the newest Harry Potter (more on that later) with a friend we went to work, scouting the shops of Marina Mall and Centerpoint. A few hours later I had not bought much (I’m a fussy buyer, definitely not impulsive), a cute summer dress and a sun hat was the extent of the purchases. I looked at shoes, loads of shoes, but had the usual issue, they just don’t fit.

In the end I went into town to Abu Dhabi Mall, to meet hubby before our dinner reservation. No shoes had been found, so my trusty Havaianas would have to do. I decided to have one last look in the shops at the mall, after all they differ a little from the Marina Mall shops so there could be something. As I took the escalator up to have a look in Dune, I found myself looking at Mango and their 50-70% off signs and hope reared it’s ugly head…Oh yeah, the ‘love’ shoes were from Mango by the way… The Mango shoe section is tiny and I quickly had the whoel thing scouted out, MY SHOES WERE GONE. Not a single pair in sight, with a resigned sigh I turned around and started to walk out of the shop, and there they were. One pair, one, wonderful, amazing, gorgeous pair. As I got closer, anxious thoughts popped up, “One pair left. What is the likelihood of them being my size? Slim to none.” With a deep breath I picked them up and there it was, shining like a neon billboard, Size 41, MY FREAKING SIZE. Then I noticed something else, there was no sale sticker on them.

After a moment of deflatedness I pulled myself together and used logic. There was one pair left, the shoes had been out for months, by rights they should be on sale. So with another deep breath I approached one of the sales assistants and asked in a low, hopeful (probably pitiful) voice, “Are these included in the sale?”

They were, in fact they were now 150 dhs and I wasted no time pulling my wallet out and paying. Then I slipped them on, relegated the Havaianas to my bag and had a lovely birthday dinner with my husband. who really knows how to get perfect birthday presents 🙂

So does anyone want to see my wondeful shoes? Well here they are…



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  1. håvard
    Aug 04, 2009 @ 07:54:42

    kjempeinnsats av Paulie, til å være stolt av.
    *proud of him,, and you*


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