Staying Ahead

Well it’s still going quite well, I’m ahead of my target if only slightly. Yesterday was a writing free day, instead I went up to the lakes with the in laws. My FIL was checking that the boat was still moored up at Ambleside, and then we went out sailing for a couple of hours. It was nice and windy so we had en invigourating time out there, MIL stayed on shore, I think she’s had enough near death experiences.
While the day added nothing to my word count, it did give me some time to think about where I wanted my characters and story to go. I keep getting stuck in places, so leave them and go on to the next chapter, but yesterday sorted some of the sticking points out. So today I’ve been going back to the places I left off and writing them further. I love Scrivener because I’ve been able to divide up the chapters, which means I could just go straight back where I had jumped from instead of trawling through everything I’ve written and inevitably get hung up on some silly things.
Well it’s back to the mac now, my break is over 😉 but there will be a new update in a few days

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