Goodbye My Little Gerbils

So the day I knew had to come has arrived. The day I say a very sad farwell to my two gorgeous gerbils. I’ve been trying to rehome them for about a month now, asked everyone I know, and some I don’t, but no one has been able. I called all the animal sanctuaries and pet shops who rehome, but no joy, not until last night when I called the pet shops again and Pets at Home in Bromborough had space available.
So off we went today, my MIL and I, with the cages in the back. The trip over the water was surprisingly uneventful, we didn’t even get lost once 🙂
The pet shop and the people could not have been nicer, they were so helpful, put Bongo and Wentworth right into the huge clean display tank and put me to ease explaining they would not be split up and adopters were vetted before they could take them home. The big cage came with them so if their new family wanted and had room for it they could put them in there.
It was kind of heartbreaking to see them running around so carefree and happy, I’m sure they won’t miss me at all, but it’s also good because I knew they were not scared and would adapt nicely.
I’m really going to miss them, they were amazing company, always pottering about so you knew you weren’t alone and always willing to be picked up and cuddled for comfort 😉
So here’s to Bongo and Wentworth, the two most amazing gerbils in the world. Who ever adopts them I hope you give them a wonderful, loving home.

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  1. Mysterystitcher
    Jul 16, 2010 @ 12:31:57

    At first I thought they had died. Then I thought you have to go to the vet, so that the vet will put them asleep. Finally I learned, that the pet shop had space, so the two living, surely charming furryballs would find a good new home. I really hope they did.


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