US Election 2008

Well it’s finally here, the presidential election of 2008. Doesn’t it feel like the run up has been going on for years? And why on earth do we care so much? I have no ties to America, but I’m so excited. I would be devestated if granpa McCain won, the US needs a change and the Republicans have had their chance. I might have been more receptive towards a new R president if he/she appeared able to lead, but McCain just seems like a reenergised Bush. Factual gaffs and messed up speeches is again the order of business, I’m sure there must be as many McCain making a fool of himself on YouTube as there are Bush ones, and who wants that to be their presidents legacy?
In this time of economic upheaval what America needs the most is a strong president who is going to be taken seriously. They need an inspiring speaker, who will fire them up and introduce change as a good thing. Barack Obama is all these things, and will be the best thing for America NOW

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