Nano2008 The Beginning

Nano has just started and I’m writing 24/7. On Friday i bought writeroom for my iPhone, a brilliant buy, well worth the money. I haven’t tried the wifi function yet, but emailing my writing works really well.In any case it’s only for the times when I’m not by my mac, so don’t have to rely on it too much.
The story so is, well it’s progressing I guess. It’s not amazing writing by anyones standards, but then I suppose nanowrimo is one of the times where it’s actually quantity over quality! One of the stranger things for me this nano month is the fact that I started writing on chapter 2, leaving the prologue and ch 1 for later. I know exactly what will happen in those to section, but as of yet I’m not sure how I will make it happen.
The male mc was nice enough to give me a whole chapter from his POV, it was unplanned but worked surprisingly well. I had no idea about the various emotions that one was carrying around, but it certainly gives me a hand in how to approach a few crucial scenes.
My female mc is also being very good, because she has temporarily escaped the angst planned for the first two bits she is in a brilliant mood, not OTT enthusiastic, but certainly not depressed.
Well it’s time for me to return to 1814’s London, but I’ll update you more in a few days.

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  1. LM
    Nov 04, 2008 @ 21:41:00

    Hi – or hei! Nice to see you back on good Nano form, the story taking shape and MCs doing their thing! Your setting sounds interesting; do post a novel excerpt some time during November! I am trying my hand at crime fiction this year and am sending my MC out sleuthing to solve a crime in post-WWII Britain and Australia and loving it so far! Anyway, big cheers for you and your Nano; Skriv så blekket spruter!

    Linda M


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