Wanted – Drabblefest 36

Write a personal ad for a JA character looking for love. Regency, modern, any time period.

This was my very first drabble

P&P – Regency

“Accomplished, sophisticated and fashionable young lady seeks wealthy, distinguished gentleman for marriage; age not an issue, title preferred but negotiable.You must have a great fondness for all things orange, abhor the countryside and not be seduced by a pair of fine eyes.”

Caroline put down her quill for a moment, what else would she want in a potential husband? Maybe something about his looks? No, that was as irrelevant as his age, ancient and rich would do just fine, she could cut quite a dash as a rich, young widow.

She knew she was a catch, after all she had no embarrassing relatives unlike the Bennets who seemed to collect vulgar family members. No, Caroline needed to find a husband before her brother married Jane Bennet and her family was irrevocably connected to the Bingleys.

She put quill to paper once more.

“No seconds sons, clergymen, officers or anyone, at all, connected with trade need reply.If interested please call at Grosvenor Street Monday – Friday at 2 o’clock, your suitability will then be assessed by myself and Mrs Hurst.”

Caroline looked at the finished letter; yes that was perfect now all she had to do was send it of and wait for her wave of suitors.


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  1. Mysterystitcher
    Jul 16, 2010 @ 12:17:45

    You are amazing!


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