Brain Washed – Drabblefest 12

Theme: People may love each other deeply, but somewhere there is a line to be drawn: “I’ll do anything for you, give up all that I have, EXCEPT….” Your task as drabble author: what is that line, and who refuses to cross it? And will they change their mind? Ideas: “I love you but not your cat,” “I love you but I won’t give up the remote control,” “I love you but please don’t sing to me,” “I love you but that was the last piece of chocolate!”

Brain Washed

Mr Darcy stood next to her holding her hand and cupping her face, “My darling, you know my feelings for you. I love you, dearly, but I abhor that orange colour you persist in wearing.”

Caroline gasped, “I had no idea my dear Mr Darcy. I shall never wear the colour again.” She was mortified, Caroline had always supposed orange was one of Darcy’s favorite colours, after all he loved tangerins. From that day forward though she burned her orange dresses and wore blues and greens instead, they seemed to be what the gentleman himself like the most.

Mr Darcy continued to visit her every night, though strange requests were made. One night he said, “I love you Caroline, but I think you need to give your niece and nephews some pin money, they are excellent children.”

Caroline who hated the little vermin was shocked, but she needed to keep Darcy happy, “Of course, I will give them a ten pound note each.”

Caroline was startled out of her dream by a fierce cry of “YES!”, and saw her two nephews and niece laughing in the corner. Instantly she knew what had happened, the children had been whispering these things to her every night. It had all been a dream.


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  1. Mysterystitcher
    Jul 16, 2010 @ 12:12:33

    I don’t know if it was from Jane Austen or from you, but actually I don’t even care. It was interesting and well written.


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