The End Is Where We Start From

Said by the ever wonderful Captain Jack Harkness of course and also the title of Shem’s new story which you can read at HG, remember you have to sign up to read stories there, but then the JA FanFic posted there is among the best there is.
But more of that later, the end I’m starting from is the end of A103. It’s been a long way coming, and I am so relieved to have it all done. Now I can consentrate on the creative writing which I’ve been harping on about for a while (oh had y9ou not noticed, sorry must aim to do more harping).
I bought the material for the course a while ago on eBay, and have looked at the different parts, but nothing in-dept. We haven’t got our materials yet, some problem at the printers or something, but I had access to the PDFs for a while so have had a look at the TMA etc, and they don’t look too intimidating 🙂
Being a bit bored today I thought I’d post my old HG drabbles, as not everyone will want to sign up there to read them.


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