Last year I did a dare a day picking my favorites from the various Dare threads on the NaNo forums. It worked really well in moving the story along when I got stuck or had written myself into a corner. I was quite lenient with myself though, and just pick a dare each day from a list, so this year I hope to make it a bit more challenging for myself by having to pick a random dare (from a hat or a bowl or some such), and I also hope to get some suggestions for dares from anyone who wants to contribute.
I’ll see if I can’t find my list of Dares from 2007 , they are very varied, some were a surprising help to the story, but most were just a help in moving things along and had to be cut when the editing started.
Talking of the dread editing, I’ve only edited the first half so far, got a bit unmotivated after cutting out half of everything I wrote 😦 I’m feeling better about it again now though, maybe I was just doing it a bit too close to the event (January), so have cautiously started the cutting process again.


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