Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

What is a sing a-long blog I hear you ask? Well it is Joss Whedon’s newest creation, a super villain with a webcam and a need to sing. Neil Patrick Harris plays the horrible Doctor bent on world domination with the girl from the launderette (or is that laundromat). Either way, Mr Whedon (with a little help from his friends), has created a web-series in 3 acts featuring the aforementioned Doctor, Penny the Laundromat girl (played by Felicia Day) and the superhero, Captain Hammer, played by Nathan Fillion.

I had been looking forward to this for a few weeks to be honest, after spotting a post about it on one of the OU forums. The first act was posted this morning on the 15th, and certainly did not disappoint. It introduced the characters in orderly fashion, Captain Hammer was a riot, as arrogant and self obsessed as any true superhero would be, and Doctor Horrible was strangely sympathetic.
As the first act ended a love triangle emerged, and luckily we only have to wait until Thursday the 17th for Act 2.

For anyone wanting to view the spectacular show just go to Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
And you can read Joss Whedon’s master plan here

It does seem to have crashed in the last few hours, if you’re on facebook join the Dr Horrible page, they’ll keep you updated. I’ll let you know how Act 2 is 🙂


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