Trying to get into shape

I have this on going battle with my body, I want it to slim down, it wants to eat (it usually wins). I really love food; cooking , eating, the whole she-bang, and I try really hard to keep it as health as I can. Lean meats, more veggies, less oil/butter, less sauces and less take away is the way forward I know, but we (esteemed bf and me) have found this hard in the past, we start out with good intentions, then a few weeks later we are back to where we started. I don’t know what will make it different this time, maybe the fact that bf is more committed to the cause having found his shirts getting a bit tighter around the tummy area 😉

So following in the theme of getting fitter I went to the gym today on my lunch. Now I’ve been a member of Lifestyles for a while (about 2 years) but could could on one hand how many times I’ve gone to there, so a few months back I cancelled my membership. A while back though a woman’s-only gym opened in my work’s building, were you’re supposed to do circuit training in 30 minute batches. So I tried that out today, and it was great, I felt really good when it finished and I’m looking forward to going again. I have a week long free trial, so gonna take advantage of that and then sign up, should be fun 🙂 The gym is called Gymophobics (perfect for me then) and here is a link to the website should anyone be interested,


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